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8/3 Friday Mt. St. Helens kick your ass ride!

Discussion in 'Westside' started by thrifty, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. I'm thinking of hitting both sides of St. Helens and back up the east side of Rainier on Friday..... This would be just over 500 miles and take all day. As of now I'm planning on leaving Seattle at 6AM and hitting 5 straight down to Castle Rock , then out 504 to the mount. Then backtracking and down to 503 and around the East side on up home...... I'll stop for pics here and there but overall this will be a gas and go style ride.... Lots of miles and only one day... I'm interested to see if anyone here would be up for this. Also I keep it under ten over and will ride tank to tank.. Figure we'll be back around 8 that night feeling like we got our asses kicked......:tard:

    Who's up for this or will I be doing it alone????

    Route Link
  2. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I will HIGHLY recommend you DO NOT hit 5 on the way down. You'll be exhausted by the time you get to Castle Rock.

    But i'm out.

  3. Sorry to hear that riding 100 miles taps you for the day....
  4. I like your style. Haha. Go big or go home.
  5. HAHA... Thanks Ya'll....

    If I'm gonna spend the day riding I'm gonna do just that..

    I have been rethinking some of the route and I'm gonna do I-5 on the way home.. Not 100% sure, but I might cut out the west side of the Mount as I've already rode up it a couple weeks ago... That'll cut out about 100 miles... Hmmm, Will decide when I get there and see how I feel.

    If anyone decides to join in I'll be at the McD's on Northgate just west of the mall for a bite to eat before I leave..... Gotta be someone on here who likes to ride....:scratchea
  6. Well no one showed so I slabbed it down 5 and on out to the mount.. not a car the whole way up to the top.... in woodland getting ready to head east....... y'all have fun......


  7. Ya'll missed out... This was a great ride.. 520 miles and 13 1/2 hours.. Nice and cool pace and no rushing. Great way to spend the day... here's a few pics just for S&G's






  8. Not bad man..

    Did u take 504 by any chance??
  9. Yep.. 504 AND 503......:mrgreen:
  10. Great pics!

    I've always gone though Carson up to Windy Ridge. Looks like you hit the Johnson Ridge side. Gotta try that someday.

    Looks like you had a good time; weather was perfect!
  11. Nice how are the roads like?? Ive been wanting to make a ride down there but no luck yet..:angry7:

    i would have joined you but my girl is in Vegas for the wekend and im on babysitter duty crackup:
  12. Weather couldn't have been better.... Beautiful day...

    The roads are all fine. I read that thread about the chipseal but didn't come across any. There was one small 20Ft section after Cougar up in the mount that was gravel but it was well posted... Other then that just some tar spray patching around cougar.. Not sure what it's called... I will say that the road north from the Windy Ridge turn off to Randal was a bumpy ride at times.....
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