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9/15/12 Winthrop!!!

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Watchmaker, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. I'm thinking to take one final ride to Winthrop this weekend.......will be a slow paced ride as I'll most likely be taking the baby ninja....all are welcome to join up and go!....thinking to meet up @ sehome starbucks @ 9 am (sept 15) if anyone cares to join?.....going to have lunch @ Old school house brewery in winthrop...
  2. Hmmmmmm, that'd be a 100mi trek to meet up with ya.....contemplating.

  3. This should be on Sunday so I could make it.
  4. as I'll be rolling through could always meet up with us there at the am/pm where hwy 9 ends onto 20........should be there around 10 am +/-
  5. That ride is played out:angry7:
    Come up with another or Elsecrackup:
  6. We're heading up to Winthrop Saturday, too. Maybe we'll see each other.

    But not in the bar! :drunken:
  7. Oh Man, I"m outa town this weekend or I'd join ya Big Time. I was thinking 1 day next week. Have a fun safe trip if ya go.
  8. Where is the sehome starbucks?
  9. +1
  10. still a go.....sehome starbucks.....@9am 9/15/12...........

    sehome starbucks= second to last exit going south on I-5 in bellingham.....if you go to Fairhaven exit, you went one exit to far!.....its next to REI in parking lot...

    even if there isnt anyone else going, I am! be with the cool:scratchea kids an go!
  11. I'm out, since I get off work at 12am, I'm going to want to sleep in a little. Have a safe ride man!
  12. Did you guys say hello to Smoky the Bear?
    How's those lungs feeling?
  13. Wasn't smokey at all.
    Great ride watchmaker. Sorry I peeled off. I thought I knew a short-cut that would allow me to stretch my legs for a minute while I waited for you...I was wrong.
    Does that little ninja owe you money? Cuz you were beating the hell out of it!!
    Thanks for setting this up.
  14. lol....getting my money's worth out of that thing for sure.....had it pinned a few times....that little motor just keeps rippin along!.....and on way home....I finally pushed it as fast as it could go with my lard on it.....hit 105 indicated! what would that be?...maybe 75 in real world speed!
  15. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    Hard to believe I never made it to Winthrop all year. Some kind of shit's always getting in my way. Would have like to see watchmaker beat the piss out of a 250.
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