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9.18 SUN - MotoGP Party in Albany

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by QCDragon, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. [​IMG] 2:00 PM Sunday 9/18 - MotoGP Party NakedRider's house in Albany[​IMG]


    Sunday, September 18th, come join us at NakedRider's house in Albany where we're watching the
    Gran Premio de Aragón for Round Thirteen of the 2011 MotoGP Championship at Motorland Aragon in Spain.

    Come by as early as 1:30 PM - The MotoGP race starts at 2:00 PM PST on Demand and COMMERCIAL FREE via :devil:

    POST-ride Probable

    Well, NOW says <10% chance for rain today. :roll:
    They said it was 50% YESTERDAY!!! :rant :angry7: :x

    Hope to see you there! 8)


    We will PM directions Friday before the race to those who have CONFIRMED.

    $2 per guest to help cover the cost of the package - or you can do $8 for the REMAIDER of the SEASON
    Thanks to the many who have already!
    Extra proceeds collected by seasons end will be used to fund the FINAL PARTY!
    Please help out!

    All are welcome!
    Please join us :drunk:

    Guest List so far...
    TheyCallMeBRUCE :notworth: ​


    Circuit info
    Length: 5,078 m. / 3.155 miles
    Width: 15m
    Left corners: 10
    Right corners: 7
    Longest straight: 968 m. / 0.601 miles
    Constructed: 2009

    An ultra-modern facility, MotorLand Aragón had its roots firmly established thanks to a solid history of street racing in Alcañiz, which hosted events between 1963 and 2003. Safety advice warning against the continuation of this led to the proposal and construction of a sporting complex dedicated to motorsport.

    With support from local institutions, renowned German architect Hermann Tilke was commissioned to design the facility. The circuit, which is 5.077km long and has 17 turns, was roundly praised by riders after its first Grand Prix in 2010, and it was rewarded with the IRTA Best Grand Prix of the Year award, the first time a circuit had received the prize in its debut year.


    Remaining 2011 MotoGP Calendar
    Date - Location - Track

    09-04 - San Marino - Misano
    09-18 - Aragón - Motorland
    10-02 - Japan - Motegi (rescheduled)
    10-16 - Australia - Phillip Island
    10-23 - Malaysia - Sepang
    11-06 - Valencia - Valencia

    Start PLANNING for next year!
    2012 MotoGP Calendar Released
    Date, Grand Prix - Circuit

    15 April, Qatar* - Doha/Losail
    29 April - Spain (STC) - Jerez de la Frontera
    6 May - Portugal (STC) - Estoril
    20 May - France - Le Mans
    3 June - Catalunya - Catalunya
    17 June - Great Britain - Silverstone
    30 June - Netherlands** - Assen :devil: (Hopefully we can do this at Jack/Anna's again)
    8 July - Germany (STC) - TBC
    15 July - Italy - Mugello
    29 July - United States*** - Laguna Seca
    19 August - Indianapolis - Indianapolis
    26 August, Czech Rep. - Brno
    16 September - San Marino & Riviera di Rimini - Misano
    30 September - Aragon - Motorland
    14 October - Japan - Motegi
    21 October - Malaysia - Sepang
    28 October - Australia - Phillip Island
    11 November - Valencia - Ricardo Tormo &#8211; Valencia​

    * Evening Race
    ** Saturday Race
    *** Only MotoGP class
    STC (Subject to the contract)
    TBC (To be confirmed)
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2011
  2. I asked Jack about hosting this one - you guys beat us to it!

  3. I don't think Marv'd mind - call it if you want it.
    That ONE way to get you two there!!!!
  4. Take it Anna, gives me an excuse to ride the curves. I was speaking of the Alsea curves Bobbie...

    :thefinge: :stir:
  5. Uh-huh... :angry7:
  6. :evil4:

    I'll talk with Jack about hosting the next one - I mentioned it on Sunday or Monday and he didn't seem quite up for it...

  7. Ahhhh - the pressure of one-upping your own infamous MotoGP Party!!!! crackup: :mfclap: :devil:
    Bwaaaahahahaha! :stir:

  8. Oh yeah! Jack's my buddy :drunk:...........and I don't remember anything after the picture was taken :chduh:......and my head still hurts :evil4: crackup:

  9. Ha ha....that includes forgetting to pick up Mrs. Jackal! Bad BAD!
  10. What Moto GP party? :innocent:
  11. This is a good thing, perhaps... :secret:
  12. Luckily you have Bruce standing guard....:stir:
  13. Now, now....we're thread jacking. let's focus on the real issue - the next GP party :popcorn: Right?! :scratchea
  14. Wouldn't be Corvallis Albany without a little thread Jacking... I mean do you really want to hit the Jacking off button?
  15. Yamaha complete second successful 1000cc test in Misano

    Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies
    were back on the 2012 1000cc
    YZR-M1 at the circuit on Monday.

    Yamaha Factory Racing riders Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies had their second opportunity to ride the 2012 1000cc YZR-M1 today (Monday) at the Misano circuit in San Marino. The test followed Lorenzo’s flawless Grand Prix win on Sunday, his second Italian victory of the season. The bikes tested were the same as first used in Brno in August, with minor changes to set up and electronics for the tighter Misano circuit.

    Jorge Lorenzo, 60 laps, 1’33.7:
    “It’s been a little bit more difficult here than Brno, which is a very fast track. Misano is a little bit slower so the difference between the 800 and the 1000 is much smaller. It’s difficult to understand the riding style you must use straight away. We’ve made a lot of progress in a couple of hours and the bike has a lot of potential. I’m very excited about the future. We’ve been working on the electronics to help in the braking area but mainly I’ve been getting used to the riding style of the bike and also adapting the bike to my riding.”

    Ben Spies, 74 laps, 1’34.3:
    “We rode the same bike as we did in Brno but we changed a bunch of things and started working on a lot of electronics. Misano is a much more physical track; it’s quite tight so there’s a lot of wheelies and rear spinning. It’s fun to ride but very physical compared to the 800. I enjoyed it a lot and we went quite fast on it, getting some pretty good lap times. We’ve got a lot of data now for the engineers to go away and work on the next step for our next test. I think next year is going to be really good and I’m looking forward to racing the thousand!”

  16. I'm in for now as far as I know.
  17. More like the Jackaling off button.
  18. Oh, and meanwhile...where's Bruce?

  19. Bruce is back from Bonneville - he should be there Sunday, Rossi cap and all :mfclap:
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