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9.4 SUN - MotoGP Party in Lebanon

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by QCDragon, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. [​IMG] 12:00 NOON Sunday 9/4 - MotoGP Party ShrkBite's house in Lebanon[​IMG]


    Sunday, May 15th, come join us at ShrkBite's house in Lebanon where we're watching the
    GP Aperol di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini for Round Thirteen of the
    2011 MotoGP Championship at the Misano circuit in Italy.

    Come by as early as 11:30 AM - The MotoGP race starts at 12:00 PM PST on Demand and COMMERCIAL FREE via :devil:

    We will PM directions Friday before the race to those who have CONFIRMED.

    $2 per guest to help cover the cost of the package - or you can do $10 for the REMAIDER of the SEASON
    Thanks to the many who have already!
    Extra proceeds collected by seasons end will be used to fund the FINAL PARTY!
    Please help out!

    All are welcome!
    Please join us :drunk:

    Guest List so far...
    CBRiceman - :scratchea mebbe?!?!​


    Circuit info
    Length: 4,226 m. / 2.626 miles
    Width: 14m
    Left corners: 6
    Right corners: 10
    Longest straight: 565 m. / 0.351 miles
    Constructed: 1969
    Modified: 2008

    Close to the city of Rimini, the Misano Adriático circuit was constructed in 1972 and has since undergone an array of modifications. A regular scene for Italian Grands Prix throughout the 80s and early 90s, Misano returned to the MotoGP calendar in 2007.With updated facilities, track and grandstands, the Misano Adriatico holds a maximum capacity of 60,000 spectators. In accordance with MotoGP safety regulations, the 4,200m track runs clockwise for the World Championship races.


    Remaining 2011 MotoGP Calendar
    Date - Location - Track
    09-04 - San Marino - Misano
    09-18 - Aragón - Motorland
    10-02 - Japan - Motegi (rescheduled)
    10-16 - Australia - Phillip Island
    10-23 - Malaysia - Sepang
    11-06 - Valencia - Valencia
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  2. Maybe, I have Maddy this weekend.

  3. Should be perfect Trav, Dons got 3 kids and a big backyard.
  4. Sounds like I'm in then
  5. :mfclap::mfclap::mfclap::mfclap::mfclap::mfclap:

    Laguna Seca
  6. Looks like I'm in. Won't even clean up her battle scars from track day. I might even be this years latest "Prospect" for the " Brat Pack Crash Club"owned: . you must be ejected from bike. you must have received an injury. bike must have received some injury. and the " What The F**k factor should have given the Pucker Factor TURBO BOOST":scared. Hope to be on time . See you all there.crackup:

  7. Trav, i've got 2 daughters 5 and 8 so Maddy will definitely have someone to play with.

    what's a holiday weekend without grilling:thefinge: i'll have the grill fired up for some chicken and if anyone wants to bring any other type of mammal flesh to grill, by all means. even if you don't want to watch the GP, come and eat drink and be merry:mfclap:
  8. I'd like to hear the full story...

    Not sure we'll make the MotoGP party though, too many projects around the house.
  9. Another reason to vid at the track. Hope all is well Linn, Hate to see you meet the qualifications for membership. Just glad things weren't worse.
  10. solame:

    I'm in, as long as I'm sober enough to drive over by then... :devil:

    Still waiting on directions though.
  11. A friend did a little CSI for me on my crash. It made things a lot clearer on what happened.:tard::evil4: It makes for a really interesting telling.:secret::thefinge:
  12. Did you get directions? If not just head to Bobby's, Don is about 4 blocks from there.
  13. We're sort of in the middle of something :tard:


    But we did take LAST weekend off! (photo by


    Maybe I'll take a quick ride up the Alsea curves today to get the dingleberries off my tires :evil4:
  14. Looking good Anna, I can't wait till those "weekend projects" are finished. I miss seeing you waiting for me to catch up.

    Great party Don, you and Kirstan did a really bang up job.
  15. thanks to all that made it. it was my pleasure to host the party. it was great to have you all.
  16. :notworth: No... Thank YOU!!! :mfclap:
  17. That's an awesome pic DC! :shock:

    You still got it :mfclap::mfclap:
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