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94 cbr f2 streetfighter conversion

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by dagg92, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. I'm in the process of doing a conversion on my f2, so here's my build thread! Open to ideas and input, i wont get butthurt :mrgreen:

    how she was before:

    So far I have:

    Removed fairings + gauges

    I put a stubby screamer pipe on to replace the yoshi can, it looked out of place

    Painted the tank tail fairings and wheel fairings satin black

    Did some accent black and white painting

    Exhuast painted with super high temp BBQ paint

    complete wire tuck, and had to extend the headlight wire.

    This is how she is sitting now:


    I have a headlight to put on next and my bar end mirrors are on the way!
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  2. Looking good. Love street fighters.

  3. Good looking bike man 8) keep updating this.

    I love naked bikes
  4. Thanks guys, definitely will keep updating as progress continues!
  5. keep going man! If you need more ideas go to excellent forum for knowledge and such. Just be aware there are some more roughneck hooligans there, no real mods policing the joint so if you offend easily stay away....and use the search function before starting a thread. You can lurk and gather info about everything with out really interacting if that's your bag. Realize that most questions have been asked and dealt with in some thread or another it just takes time to find it. This is an amazing build of a great looking F2 His is a very slick looking bike that is super impressive, or you can go grimy like mine :) [​IMG][​IMG]
    paint job is rattle can, same with the clear. Bottom half of the tank is pray on bedliner. Fabbed the fenders up (one recently broke). The original owner did the fab work on the subframe before I got her, but she need a ton of TLC to get her running properly, as well as some electrical stuff I had to iron out. I say be different tear it down and get dirty. An F2 is a great bike and there is a ton of cool stuff you can do to it to make it one of a kind!
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  6. Also I have some dirty bars and risers that I wont be using for a project. If you are planning to go that way I can sell em to you for cheap, say 30$ Ill even ride out and deliver! they are gunmetal I believe....i'll have to check again. There are some scratches but i was planning of painting them so it didn't bother me any. PM me if your interested.
  7. hell ya I've seen some WICKED fighters on that site.
    I love the red and black paint ya did there! That clear coat turned out nice, I think I might get some clear and go over everything actually. Thanks for the offer but I like the stock handlebar height. That seat looks comfy :)
  8. No worries.
    As for the paint.....its a fine from a far but far from fine sort of deal:tard: Works for me though, at least I don't rub paint off if I dribble gas on it like before she was painted:mrgreen:
  9. CF is a great place to go... I did a swap that... ya details are secret but eh I sold it to someone that will enjoy having something one off and completely under estimated... (no not a VFR) lol

    gl I will keep a watchful eye on your posting
  10. [​IMG]



    Street worthy! unfortunately I've been fighting my f*cking carbs to run properly for the past 3 months. That is the next priority. Also need to get proper sized hardware for bar end mirrors.
  11. Nice set of dominators! you gonna hack that front fender? what about the subframe and tail mods?
  12. And you'll continue to fight with them so long as you have an exhaust that creates 0 back pressure.
  13. Cropduster

    Cropduster jimd2p aka Dweezlebutt

    Very cool. I'm picking one of these up soon that needs plastics badly. I may just streetfighter it.
  14. Troof! You can do the same thing that I have on my bike
    weld some washers to some bolts.....put em in your headers right before the mid-pipe. I have a 9" micron with the guts ripped out and its all good for me. stock setting for the fuel mix screws is 2-1/4 turns I believe.....mine with the stumpy exhaust is all the way closed and I still pop a bit on deceleration. Hope that helps some.:mrgreen:
  15. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    Yeah... it's going to be rough to get the jetting just right with that exhaust setup... it's also going to be friggen retardedly loud and piss off damn near everyone!

    A custom high mount or undertail exhaust system would look cooler anyways.
  16. That helps a bunch thank you!

    It is pretty damn loud. But I like it :nana
  17. What black paint did you use? Is it gasoline resistant?
  18. Just a "semi-flat" rattle can, I dont believe its gasoline resistant, but I havent spilled any on yet so I'm not sure yet. :mrgreen: I spent a long time in prep work where it counts and each piece has about 10 coats or so.
  19. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    WTF?! :scratchea They have these new things called mufflers that create some back pressure, increase power, and also keep the bike from sounding like crap!? :secret:
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