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97 ZX600E project.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by sschering, May 11, 2012.

  1. There was wild speculation about who got this bike.. Some said that AV bought this bike. I hate to disappoint but it came home with me..

    I'd just sold my GS1000L and a pocket full of cash compelled me to hook the the trailer and make the 500 mile round trip to bring it home.




    The bike came home with a few known mechanical issues.

    It wouldn't shift (as I found out) below 4th gear.
    It won't rev over 3k but it's easy to start and and runs smoothly.

    I finally have all the parts to put it back together so I thought I'd start a project thread.

  2. 2 weeks later I made a trip over to Spokane and got all this plus a tank and a few other bits from Daves929


    Back at home I dug in to sort out the transmission issue.
    After some messing about I figured out one of the shift forks was bound up.
    I was able to pull the oil pan, remove the forks, set the trans to neutral and re-install the shift forks..


    About a week later the gaskets and a few other bits to put it back together arrived

    As of today the bike is in more pieces than when I started..
    The wheels came off and went to Skinny_punks house for a new set of tires. (yes I know the shop is a mess)

    The carbs still need to be looked at. I have some wiring to do. Turn signals plugs need to be put back and the headlight socket replaced.. I also have a HID kit to install before I can start putting the fairings on.
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  3. :popcorn:
    Whats the plan Man?:scratchea
  4. Stock with a few minor tweaks.. I didn't buy a full set of fairings just to hang em on the wall :)

    I came with a V&H SS2R pipe.. I love the way it sounds so I'll keep that.
    PO already put a K&N filter and Dynojet kit in it.
    Front wheel was swapped for a ZX6R wheel.

    I may look into finding a matching ZX6R rear for it.. Same 5" width.. Just lighter and better looking. No point in trying to go wider in the back without swapping swingarms. A 180 tire won't clear the swingarm.

    Down the road but not anytime soon.
    ZZX1200 rear shock swap.
    Racetech fork springs and valve emulators.
    Other options would be finding a set of 41mm cartridge forks or go for the full USD swap.
  5. Progress today..

    Wheels, radiator, oil cooler, exhaust, calipers back on the bike.
    chain tension set, axles torqued down. Need to go buy some Rotella.

    I started to remove the carbs and found an open vacuum line going to the center two intake boot ports. BIG vacuum leak there.. I'll get that all hooked up properly and see if the carb issue goes away. Not going to pull the carbs for now.
  6. I got the needles & slides back in the carbs (pulled & re-installed with the carbs still mounted), hooked up the vacuum lines, air box, ram air system (still missing a few bits of tubing) topped the oil and rolled it out to the driveway..

    Choke on, hit the starter.. Rump rump ROAR!! turn it off..

    Silly grin.. :devil: The can is still on the work bench :)

    OK put the tail pipe on. Fire it back up.. Still has the same issue.. Starts and idles perfectly but cuts out and dies past 2k..

    After it's warned up it'll rev to 5k just by pulling the choke lever open but twisting the throttle just kills it.

    After reading a few threads on the ZX forum I'm sure the main and maybe pilot jets are clogged.. Carbs are coming off for cleaning.
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  7. Ha ha ha.. I'm so excited for you. Once you button it up, we need to meet ride out and meet somewhere. 8)
  8. Yanked the carbs today.. I knew something was up when I cracked the bowl drain screws and nothing came out.

    Found some "WTF is that?" jelly looking crap in the bowls and up into the jets.

    Wierd crap dries to a crusty powder in a few minutes..

    Clearly this is my issue.. jets are all clogged up with this shit..


    When I put the bowls into the dip the stuff re-hydrated back into jelly..
    The stuff is tough too.. 30 min in the dip hardy put a dent in it.

    It's in for a long soak.

    Is this what happens when you let ethanol blend gas sit?

    Need to find new bowl gaskets now.. these are dry and cracking..
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  9. I've found that shit too. Crazy stuff it is.
  10. I wonder if I should dump the fuel in the tank and flush out the lines.
  11. I found the same crap in my 900rr's bowls.:x After all said and done I have three sets of carbs.
    Swapped out the bowls for a fresher set.

    If the pilots are clogged it wont idle but it will sometimes rev, if you hold it around 4-5k.
    Are your slides working?
    Now you might some of that crap from the bowls up in the bodies now.
    No biggy, just more cleaning and you'll know the condition. You maybe able to rule them out if you still run into issues later.
  12. P.S.
    Does that bike run a fuel pump? If so, you'll need to flush it too.
    If no pump, than don't worry about flushing it.

    Drain the rest. The carbs will be dry so should be good there?

    Just thinking aloud.:mrgreen:
  13. :scratchea

    I cleaned the bejeezus out of those..
  14. Pilots were semi clogged..
    The main and needle jets were completely gummed up with the crap..
    Only the pilot screws and enrichment circuits were clean..

    It would start and idle but would die if you tried to rev it over 2k..
    From the searching I've been doing this look fairly common for old ethanol blend fuel left sitting for more than 6 months.
  15. It may have been in the tank and got pumped in by the fuel pump when after you put em back on..
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  16. I had the impression your mains had an issue. Other wise it wouldn't have die after opening the throttle.
    I've also ran into this; Ya get em cleaned and running spot-on. Then about two tanks later it starts acting up. It's usually little bits of crap finally brake lose and start clogging things up again.

    Lots of people have had good luck with adding Seafoam to get things cleaned up.
    That's after everything has been cleaned and running good. It helps to keep thing flowing.

  17. Yeah.. 12 hours in the dip put a dent in the stuff but there was still some left..

    I wiped what I could out of the bowls and put em back in the sip along with the all the jets.

    I'll be sure to run seafoam in it after it's back together.
  18. 48 hours if parts dipping later I have declared the carbs clean..

    The dip hardly touches this gelled gas.. I had to hand clean a few spots with q tips and carb cleaner even after dipping.

    The 2 spacer washers that sit on top of the dynojet needle clip were MIA on carb #1.
    I found some small washers in the hobby bin and drilled em to fit..

    Floats are all set to 11mm..

    After I got them together I did a bench sync on the rack..

    All I need to do now is swap on the new tank and flush the rest of the fuel system.


    While I was waiting for the carb parts to soak I took on a small issue with the coils.
    2 of the well nuts that mount them were damaged or missing. One mounting bolt was gone along with all of the spacers.

    I put in new well nuts, and turned some 20mm spacers from 1/2 aluimnum bar.
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