98 honda VFR 800

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  1. Howdy folks, Looking to sell my 98 VFR, 60k miles, new rear pilot road, heated grips, small tank bag, soft saddle bags, ventura rack, new chain, two brother carbon slip-on.

    The bad, been down twice, once when my brother owned it he sild out in a parking lot on cold tires, the other I was sitting on the side of hwy 2 with a rear flat not watching it, a truck came by and it fell over on the opposite side, just scratches.

    Run great, Like the bike but home purchase in my future demand more down payment. Pics soon or pm me.

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  2. .... umm, price?
  3. PICS? I'm posting this link in VFRWORLD.COM so get 'em up here!

    uhm yeah - Where are you as well?
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  4. BTW, please dont ask to test ride if you dont have a permit or endorsement.
  5. good pics maynerd... thanks for adding them finally.
    Posting it in Cali for yah too... :)
  6. :mfclap:Thanks! Alot!
  7. If you still have this next week, after Wednesday, I think I will come pay you and the bike a visit.
  8. Its still here. :ninja:
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    Bump for a good buy on a great bike that's too far away for me to come look at!
  10. Thank you!

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