'99-'05 Suzuki GSXR OEM & race parts & plastics, & etc .....

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  1. Well.... After 10 yrs of being out of the 2 wheeled world, and selling all 4 of my street & race GSXR's, I have a ton of parts leftover that I thought I would eventually use at some point on the far future, but my Wife says otherwise- and now I've come to realize that she is kind of right :-(...... We can talk prices if you wanna PM me on here or call/text 5037024028. I'm not looking to get rich by any means with this stuff, but more so lookin to get someone to get some more use out of it.... Anyways:

    So, here's everything I have left:

    There's a full set of 2001 GSXR 750 plastics, with tank, unpainted (minus only a front fairing piece) $300, OBO -

    Then there is a Suzuki GSXR-1000 factory bought Race Frame- I sat on a waiting list for 2 years almost to get it... I have a reciept somewhere for it- got it from then Action Motorsports, in OC- now outta business. Swingarm also.... Pd over $1k for the frame only, has been raced, but no damage- $500, OBO with swingarm - (have all mounting hardware, bolts nuts/ etc for it too) -

    Lots of my extra chains & sprockets, both in 525 & 530. Anywhere from $25 to $75, OBO -

    A bunch of OEM exhausts from all the stock bikes I had converted to race. Two perfect radiators with electric fans for 750's & 1000's. Anywhere from $50 to 100 OBO, for the 3 completes- titanium 1000 & reg 750's-

    A bunch of stock brake lines & some sets of 1000 gold calipers, some EBC race pads. Ranging anywhere from $25, OBO & up -

    Two complete wiring looms from stock 1000 & 750 GSXR's - $50, OBO & up -

    And some other pics of stuff:
    Prices range & vari- $ OBO -

    Most of this is/was me wanting to keep all my small parts to maybe once again race on a track.... Ya, not gonna happen again... Ever She says.... I may ride on the street again, but we'll see! Sorry for the Long ad here, a friend told me about this site and this is the only place I've decided to list it up on. I'm not going to put it up on c-list yet.... Call/text or PM of interested. Thx,

    Bill M.
    Gresham, OR
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  2. Darvax

    Bellevue, Wa
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    GSX-R 600
    Pm sent
  3. RedKat600

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    2003 Copper SV1K
    Not trying to be a dink but the rules state you gotta have some prices in there. Would be good for people to know what you're asking also.
  4. Ya, I was gonna put prices, but I've got so much different stuff from thru the years when I was actively racing and building race & street bikes, that now I'm sure prices have changed and I don't wanna overprice things- lemme see if I can go thru and edit my pics and add prices to near or what I think is near to a good deal for you guys.... Like it says, I'm not trying to make a ton a money here- just want to find folks who can use this stuff again....

    Thx- Bill

  5. PM returned Darvax....
  6. I'm out in the Milwaukie Oregon area . I'm interested in a 01 gsxr 750 radiator if it's not damaged .
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  7. All parts/frames still for sale.... Offers on the frame/swingarm, & full plastics will be considered!

  8. ok dumb ??? ho is the frame made by?

  9. Lol.... Frame is stock 2002, OEM factory Suzuki. They offer (or they used too), a race frame program that usually has a VERY Long wait list to be able to get one. I usually sat on waiting lists for all my frames every year I used to race.

    This one is a frame I bought from once in business, Action Motorsports in Oregon City. It was raced, but for not even 3 months, which equalled out to two races in Seattle & Portland. Barely even broke in, lol....

    I'm just wanting it to go to get used- lemme know if your interested further.

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  10. ok im just slow haha its just stock standard issue with no vin is the swing arm OEM also? Thanks for the info.
  11. Yep- the swingarm is 2002, OEM GSXR 1000- barely used. Frame is no VIN from Suzuki.

    Are you interested in coming to look at it?
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  12. Bttt.... :)
  13. on that 1000 headder i see you have the mid pipe on it would you be willing to sell just the mid pipe and if so what year is the headder from and how much?
  14. The Titanium 1000 header does have the OEM mid-pipe on it. It's off of an 2002 GSXR 1k. Will fit all years heads. Fits best on '00-'04 GSXR's. This header is a full Ti system that has a D&D slip on that was on it. Askin $250 for it.... Gimme a call/text 5037024028 if interested. I have lots of other stuff too.

    Thx, Bill
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  15. Here's some better pics of the system for your reference:

  16. Roland

    Roland Moderator
    Staff Member

    what year of gsxr is that front fender off of? and is there any damage to it other than dirty?

    thanks much
  17. 2002 GSXR 1000

    No damage- pretty dusty. Sorry bout the dirty pics, didn't clean all these parts up before I started takin pics of it all.... Lee know if your interested. Thx :)

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  18. Any parts for a 05 gsxr 1000?
  19. Nada..... Sorry
  20. Back up... Lots of GSXR parts, 2000 thru 2004. Prices very negotiable :)
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