99$ cant beat this HURRY

Discussion in 'Central' started by StropeSled, Aug 29, 2012.

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  3. Hmm... I've been looking at getting a backup helmet.
  4. rep for sharing! :)
  5. oooh man that's tempting!!
  6. Damn I wish I needed one just so I could buy one.
  7. Great buy for a hot chic that doesnt have her own to ride on the back... :)
  8. I have one. V good.

    The sizes run one size small: I wear L everything (like Shoei), but in this EXO-1000 I wear XL.
  9. You got that right. I couldnt believe that I fit an XXL Scorpion helmet when I only wear L clothes.
  10. Woot! New helmet
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  11. Great deal, almost bought one but decided against it

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