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A day in Seattle on the tards

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Mxyzptlk, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Loooks fun :mfclap:

    BTW :secret: you might want to run your tire pressures up a tad when riding lots of stairs due to Pinch flats ;)

  2. I think they're at around 26-28 front/back.
  3. Was this on Sunday? I think the guy on the 690 hit me up about riding with you guys but I was out with some friends on my rc51. Now I wish I would have went with you guys instead. haha
  4. Nice vid! Hey next time invite me! Best part is, if you get busted only one guy takes a hit.
  5. That last sentence is getting to me for some reason....vtr2: bacon: nopity:

    If you are down to ride from olympia on that wr you are more than welcome.
  6. hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys were literally outside my office in that last shot.. under the viaduct.
  7. Yup, that was on Sunday.

    That wasn't the case last time. :stir:

    Hear us?
  8. These videos are getting better and better.
  9. Awesome vid. A tard is rapidly moving towards the must have category.
  10. I dare you to take them to the Mountain Bike track under I-5.

    No, not really....
  11. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    i avoid riding my supermoto past that place for fear i'd be unable to resist riding on it.

  12. Uhhhhh,,,have you not been watching the vids?
  13. Seattle PD is going to have a Cop at every stair case pretty soon crackup:

    Sweet vid :evil4:
  14. I took the tard out for some wheelie practice today. fourth gear power wheelie sitting down at 60mph. Too bad the bike died shortly after.

    We took them to a skate park. That was fun.
  15. dude i never hear about these fun rides
    shoot me a massage and im in if im free most definitly
  16. Oh yeah. forgot about you after the monroe practice day.
  17. btw I lol'ed at the bum at 0:17
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