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a huge thanks

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by firedad, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. On my phone, so please ignore any random typos...

    So, first off, I had a completely amazing time yesterday at the ridge with OPRT. Was my first track day and it was even better than I could have imagined. Each of the control riders were completely open and very approachable for questions, gave some critiques for body position, lines etc... I know the sessions got cut short, but not having done a track day before, they seemed pretty fair considering the situation.

    Secondly, I met a bunch of folks from pnw while I was there, I'm sorry but I know I'm not gonna remember everyone's name, so not gonna try. I will say though, you all made me feel very welcome and I sincerely appreciate it. Was just an awesome vibe from the night before, through me leaving.

    Biggest thanks to Kirk and Aaron. For giving me the bug to hit the track. All the help getting the bike ready, putting up with all my nervous newbie questions letting me crash in the durango, me pitting with you, and many many more things. You made this possibly one of the best days of my life.

    All in all, it was fan-Fucking-tastic.

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

    Glad to have you out, dude. You progressed a lot yesterday, and you were riding well. I'm pretty sure we've made a track junky out of you. :mrgreen:

    I guess you'll just have to show up to our 8/25 day.... Then the 9/12 day with your wife.

  3. I'll work on a swap for the 8/25 and the 9/12, but if the wife comes to the track, what am I supposed to ride? lol

    Guess i'll just have to get a track bike. :devil:
  4. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Good to meet you and glad you had a good time!

  5. Hey Nathan, I was riding my sons GSXr 750 and was in the 100 group class with you. Thanks for going out on the track with me and discussing our various "newbie" issues. I did finally figure out the rhythm for turns 3,4,5 and looking back don't know what my hang up on that was.

    Anyway, I had an absolute blast at the track and hope that I get the opportunity to do it again.

    My son just had to get back on the track so bad that he signed up for the Sullivan track day and we were back at the Ridge on the 13th. He was having a great day until late in the afternoon when he slid out in turn 12 - damn right handers -

    Hope to see you on the track again.

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