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A Kawasaki blue corvette

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Avboden, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. So we've got a 68 corvette that my brother, father and I have been building for about the past decade. It finally got to paint this last while. It's kinda incredible seeing a longterm project come to completion. I guess it's always assumed that it'll never be done :p

    We know we wanted blue, and I've said from the beginning, lets do the Kawi blue! It's a dead sexy blue. Well turns out it is actually a true pearl paint that would have been 3grand for the materials alone, and a single scratch would need a complete repaint.

    So, the amazing crew at Flash's Auto Body here in Spokane shot a sample of the kawi blue, and made their own mix based on it. We tweaked the flake and stuff like that some.

    Well, this is it. The Kawasaki blue (well..close) corvette!

    the undercoat is actually the true Kawasaki blue undercoat. They couldn't get a small amount to shoot the trial sample so they ended up with enough for a full base coat.

    2 undercoats, 2 coats of paint, 4 coats of clear. It really changes brightness depending on light.

    Main points being: If you're thinking of using a motorcycle color on a car, think again! Going to have to do a custom mix.

    If you're looking for the best paint and body work in spokane, Flash's is your place to be.

    Hasn't even been buffed yet as of these pics, may get another two coats of clear. Still to come is the complete underbody, hardtop and detailing the engine compartment.


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  2. very fucking nice

  3. If that's a factory convertible with A/C it's a rare car. Love the color choice! Post moar pics when it's done.
  4. well yes, it was a 68 with A/C but didn't have the original engine when we got it. It's now got a SUPER trick chevy stroker small block with accell fuel injection putting out a clean 500hp. Built by shelly's over in seattle area. They blew up 5 of them before getting it right :p The fuel injection is so cool, we've got multiple maps for it just like a powercommander.

    this is with the old weird paint, still kinda cool! This show was...jeeze have to be 5 years ago now.


    here's the only pic of the engine I can find, it's getting a full detail...oh and it's got a complete race dual master cylinder set up now.


    I'll be sure to get plenty of pictures when it's done. We actually have an ORIGINAL slipon hard top which are super duper rare. Being painted to match of course. Got it from a wife who's husband left her and took the car, left it in her garage. She sold it for about 25% of it's value, our body shop guy about shit himself when we told him (he's a vette guy)
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  5. Very cool man. Yep that paint was weird.
  6. we never could decide wtf it was. I think we ended up with purple/maroon having a baby.

    teaser of the interior, built by my brother out of aluminum then wrapped and carbonfibered. No key, full fob system. It's a LOT cleaner than it looks in the pic. Gauges are dakota digital btw

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  7. My favorite color! Can you post some pics of it outside in the sun when you get a chance?
  8. for sure, it'll be a few weeks, still needs to be buffed, then the underbody/engine bay done. I'll get a complete set of pictures of the entire car, inside and out at that time.

    pretty much the only things left to do is to install a hidden stereo (doors already have speakers and wired). Also need to finish the headlights, we ditched the pneumatic shit for some real electric actuators. after that...hell it'll be done! Well, maybe..still need to build the trellis for the back and seat hugging roll bars.
  9. Love that color, our last two were blue. Jetstream Blue and Lemans Blue, the Jetstream appears close to your Kawa blue:mfclap:
  10. Oly ZX

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    That looks sharp! Kawi Thunder Blue FTW!!
  11. Nice ! That looks really good :thumbup:
  12. when we were looking at colors we looked EVERYWHERE, BMW, vette, anything really.

    It was kinda funny, almost all the dealerships were super excited to help us look at colors, even though they knew we didn't want a car. Camp BMW specifically, they just had a blast pulling out all the paint chips so we could find a color for a corvette :p

    ultimately with all the chips and everything, the kawi blue was still the best. Too bad it was a crazy pearl paint. Luckily the guys at flash's are incredible and were able to match it super well in a non pearl.

    Just to show off what Flash's can really do, they also did this car for us

    These guys are by far, THE BEST around.

  13. Have you ever posted pictures of all of your parent's cars?
  14. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    Come to think of it, no I haven't. But my pops does have a bone stock C5 'vette in boring silver factory paint. I should snap a few shots. He even lets me drive it sometimes.

  15. sorry your daddy beat you as a kid, excuse me for having one that teaches me real life skills
  16. Cool. I can't get behind the dakota digital though. I mean they are trick as all get out, but to me they just aren't aesthetically pleasing.

    Oh and quit pitching the guy shit for posting pics of his dad's cars. they are pretty cool. post up a picture of your folks' f100 if it makes you feel better.
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  17. av, like the color, it looks sick man! cant wait to see it in the sunlight....

    ...and is it a really big fucking deal if av owns the car or not? thanks for sharing
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