A little throwback

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by mcjunky, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. with an ode to Eddie:ninja:
    I may have to bust out the vintage 80's vanson leathers for some backroad antics:freak:
  2. Nice!! I hope those leathers haven't shrunk.
  3. Right there with ya!
  4. That's a clean looking Rex, who makes those saddle bags?
  5. They're Corbin Beetle Bags. Got the bike about 3 months ago. The bags are nice and usefull, but I just took them off to experience the stock look. Probably leave them off for now.
  6. Is that a pic of your zrx? Wondering how many there are in Spokane. At least 4 that I know of, including yours.
  7. Yeah just picked it up
  8. Nice! Did you get it in Spokane? Slightly different graphics. What year is it? Like the grips, but what happened to all your reflectors? JK If you ever see me riding around, flag me down. Glen.

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