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a109driver & wavygravy ready for take off!!

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by wavygravy, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. saturday started grey & foggy, on the way to costco to meet up with john in front of costco w.s.p. & warrenton cops had a black r6 yamaha pulled over they took the guy away & left his bike sitting there for tow i suppose? anybody know who that was? anyway we rode like madmen up the jewell/isle of man section down into clatskanie then brownsmead turn to knappa & back way to swenson then back to the fog of the coast & tourist traffic aargh! it was refreshing to ride with john he does quite well on his nice r1, & it made me realize how crappy my suspension on my old fj 1200 is! my bike weighs almost 600 pounds & longer wheelbase ya cant just ride the harley spanker as i call it ya gotta drive it! i was pretty sore after the day of street motocross as it were but im just crazy about that stuff!! when i got back to the peninsula i had forgotten about the wildwood rally goin on harleys every where, all the bars were packed ! its been foggy & drizzly all weekend! its a good thing most of them had trailers to put there bikes in crackup: it was a pleasure to find someone in the area thats as obcessed about bikes as i am! now whos rideing sunday?

  2. I am:mfclap: Geared up and heading out soon & game for anything.
    I am going north and will be in the Seaside area about 11 am I will check my phone for any texts. My number is in profile. Sorry I missed a109driver's text yesterday but I was in eastern Oregon.
  3. thanks for the invite norainy! im stayin local today to let my butt blisters heal ! i got heat stroke at work the other day so im avoiding the heat for a spell, lord knows we dont have to worry about that much on the coast! have a great ride!
  4. yes john told me about your 4 day bun burner death run, im jealous! except i avoid california like the plauge, my mamma told me it was the origin of all things dangerous & evil! is it true? i wanna try one of them there wall of death shows ya see at sturgis ect & see if if can be the first to burn up a whole tank before before i fall off the wall, maybe 2 up we could set a record! any takers?:scared
  5. I got a text and they john said leaving in 20mins so I hauled ass to get there and the WSP got me.....Jk I had to work I wanted to go so bad.I have tuesday off then friday off...yay I have worked 8 days strait by the time I get 1 day off then I work 3 more days and get 1 off again.This schedule is bullshit...It will be raining by the time I have another day off!
  6. dustin was that your bike in front of costco? inquireing minds wanna know! give us the low down dude!!
  7. I actually had the addiction before, but I advanced from elementary school to my bachelor of speed degree in those 4 days. I haven't gone that fast before or since then. I was hoping for another ride like that this year, but I don't know if it's going to happen.

    I think Dustan said above that he was working. That R6 on the side of the road looked just like his when I went by it. I kept looking around trying to figure out where the rider was. I hope the cops got it picked up before someone stole it.
  8. Lol not me...I really need to get a break from work and have a nice ride..... :(
    We need to get all the Astoria people together and pick a day with a long notice and meet up somewhere.....
  9. +1

    I like that idea, even if I don't live in Astoria. It looks like I have another 3 day weekend coming up this week and I need an excuse to further put off my 'get something accomplished' list:whistling:

    With enough notice, I could probably round up another three sportbike riders that are not on the site that live here in Nehalem.
  10. Lol yeah,what days off do you have? I have tuesday,thursday,friday off this week.
  11. Monday thru Friday is my work routine. Sometimes I can take Friday or Monday off to get a 3 day weekend, and it looks like I can take this Friday off again.
    I have a ton of vacation built up, just finding the right time to use it is the key.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2010
  12. dustin! call in sick saturday, cold/flu/std/death in the family, your old uncle fester passed away! you lead this time, you didnt tell your employer that ya hang out here did ya? how about i shows all you orygun guys the wa. side back roads?
  13. Lol I cant call in sick I never have and I wouldnt be any good at it.haha I wish I think thursday I'm going to be taking a ride with the owner of my work he got a Harley this summer and he always wants me to go on rides and I have never went.I feel bad for not going plus it is brownie points hahaa he's an awesome guy though.It will probably be a slower pace due to his bike/skill set
  14. I'm working nights this week and weekend, so as long as it's slow and I get to sleep at work (I know, I get paid to sleep. Awesome isn't it?), I would be ready to ride Friday or Saturday.

    This weekend is also Seaside's Bike Fest; I'll want to go see that probably on Saturday. There has been over 3000 bikes there in the past. You guys might want to do a ride and end up there at the end of it for some great food, lots of bikes to look at, and booths with stuff for your bike. It would be good to see a bunch of sportbikes there. Just a thought...
  15. lets see go with dustin & potato around with a harley or go to sportbike fest? if its nice we might see some wannabe umbrella girls! decisions decisions! what time does it start john & where to meet? remember im old school air cooled so i cant slow drag much!!
  16. Lol I'm going tomorrow Friday I'm not doing anything so I can go let me know who's going on Friday I will meet you somewhere and we can go to bikefest.
  17. The web site doesn't give a start time, just dates. Strange that it says, 16th and 17th, which is Friday and Saturday. I imagine things will start going Friday afternoon. Saturday about 9:00 will probably be the prime-time to start looking it over. There will be motorcycles arriving and leaving all day. I don't spend much time riding around in Seaside. I just park someplace in the show, and start walking around looking at the beautiful bikes. My R1 will overheat in the stop and go traffic.
  18. Yes,My bike gets super hot in slow traffic.How hot has yours got John?Mine has seen 230+ and I got scared and stopped for a while to let it cool down.I will only be able to go on friday so if anyone is going friday let me know.
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