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Aaron Yates - Wild Card at Indy MotoGP

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Late Braker, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. He's a shitty racer, his "moves" are about the only entertaining thing about him.

  2. What a baby! He should play soccer:stir:

  3. Let's see him and Stoner go at it

  4. Yeah, Aaron has a bad rap for his attitude and actions on the track. I can't see why he'd get a shot at a CRT team when there are current better riders out there? He's been out of racing for a while now. Maybe give the ride to Bostrom who has the international experience. Or Hayes.

    Rapp can ride anything- Gawd, he rides a different bike every 2 months in AMA (electric, Ducatis, Kawasakis, etc.).

    And I thought Edwards should have gone back to WSBK years ago to try to end his failing career with a championship and some good times. he's toast by now- no fight left in his spirit.

    Sure wish we had some more young guns coming up in Moto3 or Moto2 and Supersport. that's the training ground we need for our future racers as America has crap to teach these guys how to race in the World level. Or go to Spain and win a national championship there- that always helps. Just need money, that's all!! The AMA is pretty sucky nowadays- only 2-3 riders good enough to win, the others are just like really good club racers. Not like the old days with Roberts, Lawson, Rainey, Spencer and Schwantz, et al...
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