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ABA BMX Track coming to Town

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Arnbo, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. For those that have kids that race good News! The old par 3 golf on the guide Meridian is being converted to a ABA Certified track complete with Pro -shop Or maybe relive your glory days....Maybe we can get Djoplin up here
    to ride. Back in the day he was the man!!!!:mrgreen:
  2. Ex BMX'r Here. Great sport and glad to see them putting in a new track.

    I miss racing at Port Orchard in the old Barn, that was some fun

  3. X-BMX racer too............ loads of fun!
  4. I'm excited about this prospect, my kids are just getting into BMX now. I see a temporary website at, any information about a potential timeline for opening? Thanks for the info Arnbo.
  5. I miss the one that used to be at civic field. Lots of fun there over the years and open to the public.
  6. They are doing a impact study on the traffic determining if a different
    entrance ,Exit is required. when I hear more I'll let you know..:mrgreen:
  7. erickb

    erickb Mr. PNW Riders 2007

    I was the kid on the GT Pro Performer busting out 360 over the table's and doing can can's and one footers everywhere else :evil4: I always stayed in the back and did not "race" just wanted to hit the jumps :mrgreen: best $20 I would spend back in the day, got all the practices and then the mains to play!!
  8. Does anyone else want to go watch RAD now?

    Growing up, in the summer we would watch that movie, than go down to the woods behind some houses and we had a track. Built our own starting gate and the owner of the land brought back a tractor and built some pretty good sized jumps. The good old days.

    I might have to stop by Sea Tac or Sumner to watch some BMX soon
  9. I talked to Francisco the guy putting this into action and he said
    Construction to start in June!!!!!!
    I'm in the market for a new 24'' BMX Cruiser.Track is going to be Fast It's going to have lights and we will
    be able to race in the cool night air.

    Calling DJoplin:mfclap:
  10. Awesome! I am a current bmxer! Just cruising the skateparks lately but will start racing again for the new track!! Cant wait to ride my supermoto there with my bike on my back!
  11. I still have my GT cruiser. I will definitely partake!
  12. Former BMX racer here as well. We should set up a ride to a track!
  13. 24" Robinson on Bellingham Craigslist 5/8 for $300. Beat him down on the price Arnbo......
  14. Is that Cisco who does drywall?
  15. Very cool...........
    Tail whip your supermoto and the first round is on me!!!!!!:mrgreen:
  16. Djoplin

    Djoplin Investigates Alternative Destinations

    I'll believe it when it actually works.
    The track at Civic Field didn't last long because we couldn't get anyone to run it. I helped build that track.

    Track in Everett has gone up and down over the years. Got the parks dept running it now. It's getting a facelift as we speak. Pics were just posted. McCollumn Park BMX. So it's going well I guess. They had the redline qualifier there a couple years ago.

    Seatac is going well. River Valley always does well. It has a following. Monty C was helping run the track up in Langley BC. I have a hard time getting up there anymore tho. Abbotsford went UCI, but they were still accepting some of us ABA guys. OF course the Olympics it strictly UCI based.

    As for me racing. I've only been out for a couple years. I'll probably get up there and check it out. Still have both my race bikes. Supercross, thanks Bill. Plus the kids kinda got into it a couple years back. Maybe time to try again and see if my ankle can handle it. :roll:
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