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Accident on Rainier Rd.

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by rodeo, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Motorcycle fatality on Rainier road just before Fur Tree rd. Lots of EMT and police blocking the road. Darn =( Looked pretty bad. Everyone okay?
  2. Guy on a Suzuki got killed officer said extreme speed/ possible street racing was involved

  3. 38 yr old Oly man on 04 GSXR 1k...sick feeling it's someone I know.
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  5. Thinking of the family and friends of the rider, regarless of the circumtances.
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  6. Yeah, that's why they call them investigators. They investigate, and find out what happened. I can understand you getting pissed if the news was just speculating, but it's a quote from a investigator, no need to get pissed at someone reporting the facts.

    That all being said, RIP to who ever the rider was.
  7. He has been identified on the olympian.
  8. I would strongly advise you to either take precaution/or your chances with the deer rather than a ditch.
  9. PSYCOCHUCK. You are being missed...
  10. That sucks. Be safe out there everyone.
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  11. :( Very sad. Sorry to those who lost a friend.
  12. RIP. Prayers and condolences for his family and friends.
  13. I went to school with him.Was told he was seen doing 100 or so earlier that day by a friend.Then is riding to fast out there in the dark.I think this was rider fault this time.Sucks especially since it was avoidable.
  14. Speed, limited visibility and slight miscalculation= Too high a price for anyone to pay. RIP and prayers
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