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Adventure food?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Gusgus, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist

    I am looking for easy, cheap alternatives to restaurant food for an extended trip.

    I plan on a 24 day trip this coming summer and was thinking about MRE's or even freeze dried foods.
    I am purchasing a food dehydrator and will be drying meat for a low cost energy snack, as well as fruits, but thought you guys locally might know of a source for MRE's and inexpensive freeze dried foods.

    What say you??????????????
  2. Know anybody in the military? They can usually pick up MREs in the base grocery store. I know we have them in ours.

  3. :devil:

    I find that a nice place to sit down and eat some roadside grub is the best way to travel.

    I ride on the cheap when I go- couple pair of socks, underoos, lined ranger poncho, and a rolled up tarp.

    I have found great chow at small diners with the big ceramic plates loaded with a double order of everything.

  4. There are some good ideas here:

    I probably would stay away from MRE's (but that's me). I am more inclined to take snacks like you are talking about (Clif bars, dried fruit, etc) for during the day and during an afternoon fuel stop, buy fresh food to cook for dinner. Other than that, I carry canned Tuna, Beef and a freeze dried meal for the eventuallity that I miss that food stop or I somewhere there are no stores. I tend to not pack too heavy.
  5. eric

    eric Slow Eric

    bring a fishing pole, bear traps and book about berries. Find your own food. If you're having trouble finding food in the wild you can always dine and dash.
  6. I always take trail mix, beer jerky, dried fruit, and these fruit gummy snacks!
  7. 24-hour ride... is that safe? :scratchea Sorry, just never heard of that, you mean 24 hrs. of straight riding?

    Anyway, on long car/bicycle trips/rides where I packed all my own food for multiple days, I found baked tempeh to be a good source of lean protein that won't spoil too quickly (it supposed to be kept refrigerated but seemed to keep well for a few days after being cooked) and doesn't taste like cardboard. Trail mix, lots of trail mix, bonus if you have your own food dehydrator as you can make it yourself for cheap. Trader Joe's has decently-priced trail mix if you just want to buy some. MREs sound a little extreme... how long would your food be outside of a fridge?

    Edit: Haha, sorry still lurning how to reed. 24-DAYS, nm. Tempeh might not keep that long...
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
  8. I would avoid MRE's on a motorcycle trip. Dried fruit, jerky, and some cliff bars are they way to go. Just make sure you hydrate a lot with those. I can usually get away with two days on my small tank bag filled with those snacks, filling up my camel back with free ice water at about every other fuel stop (further if it's cooler out). Like stated before, stopping at small diner for larger meals. I absolutely hate MRE's... :angry7:
  9. I don't know why you hate MREs......crackup:crackup:crackup:
  10. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist

    I like MRE's

    They helped with my 2007---3 month long trip. I took 8 MRE's total. I think they are a great supplemental food source. Dried foods and diner fare are likely as well.

    Streetglide06, how much are the MRE's?

    I would love to find a local source for MRE's but barring that, I may ask for help from further away. :mrgreen:
  11. I've done MRE's for a while, till I lost my contact. The 'civillian' version doesn't come with the heating pack, which really sucks.

    I'd be willing to go in on a few cases with you Gus!!!!

    If there is anyone in the local area (Vanc/Pdx) with military ID, post up, I think Withycombe has a PX?
  12. After eating both American and Japanese versions of MRE's out of necessity, I vowed to never touch them again unless starving. :pukerigh:

    That being said, they do provide a meal. Try Backpacker's Pantry or Mountain House dehydrated meals. Cooks in the bag, just add boiling water (camp stove, nuked at 7-11, whatever).
  13. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist

    That would be neat if we can find the heated version. But if not I am still interested.
  14. I think the military surplus place here, Andy and Bax has freeze dried meal things. I dunno if you want "surplus" MREs though. REI also has freeze dried meals, but probably at a premium.
  15. As long as we can get the ones in the brown packaging (lots of fake ones out there).
  16. Mic

    Mic Retired

    I'll share my recipes as soon as I start working on them (soon).

    It will mostly be Breakfast and Dinner food. I always figure lunch can be grabbed on the road most days, save a few here and there.
  17. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist

    The Brown Bag MRE's are good. I really like them. They can be cooked in the tent without the stove, but the stove is awesome for hot chocolate.
    I will welcome all your ideas, of course. I was wondering about MRE's and new fresh ideas, you know?

    The Dehydrator is in the works, for a good assortment of food stuff. But depending on weather the cooking could be sketchy or hit and miss.
    It might be cool to have an alternate source for a time as well, hence the MRE idea.
  18. Was checking out ebay on what the pricing generally runs there on a case, it can be fair. But shipping seems to be about $25 a case, and cases $50-70. I've only has case-A in the past, but the case-B menu doesn't look bad.

    I might consider picking up one or two cases, if someone else is interested in going in on it. So long as the price didn't go stupid high.

  19. things to consider for adventure food:
    the space it takes
    the weight of it
    the food value of it

    find something with a good amount of calories, that's light and small? SUPER WIN! dehydrated fruit and meat, and a bag of trail mix, and a bottle of water and a water filter. that's my adventure foods. (oh, and coffee)
  20. Shrek X

    Shrek X Mr. 500,000

    you probably already know this, but for those who dont...

    watch out eating MREs, at least back in the day they were 6k calories each. In the RIP program one of those would last a week, easy, but they are not filling as that. So when out in the field, working 15 hours a day, guys would actually start getting fat eating 3 of these a day and couldnt figure out why.

    take a trip to REI or your favorite outdoor store. MREs are ok, but there are better. MREs were made to be as cheap, filling and high calorie as possible, there are better in similar form factors
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