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Adventure Rides Near Shelton, WA?

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by cord4530, May 23, 2012.

  1. I'll be at The Ridge this weekend, but I've got a free day to play on Friday and wondered if there were any must-see adventure rides to try out.

    I will have a BMW F650GS twin, and a wife on the back, so any trail riding is probably a no go. But dirt double track should be no problem. Pretty asphalt and gravel would probably earn some bonus points with the S.O. as well.

    I grabbed the PDF's from the site for the Capitol State Forest, McLane Creek, and Tahuya areas. But I have no idea what destinations to look for on those maps.

    Thanks for any tips you can share!
  2. Why not just do the 101 loop?

  3. Thanks! This is just the kind of ideas I was hoping for. Loop looks great.
  4. Short trip up skok river valley towards Browns creek to high steel bridge. Fun to throw big rocks off of it. Someone tossed a tire off of it years ago and rung a tree. It's still there if you can spot it. Lots and lots of roads. You can go in at Skok valley and come out at Wynoochee lake. Then Wynoochee to Hwy 8. Hwy 8 to Cloqualum Rd back to Shelton. Why take a trip around paved roads when you can take the Less traveled paths. See the lakes and rivers you wouldn't normally see. It is a 'venture bike after all... As a matter of fact, if you pass the Ridge on Ells Hill Rd and keep going, it turns into gravel and eventually ends up on the Skok Valley rd. That whole area is my after work sumo playground. I'll map it with the 'Goog if there is any interest.

    Almost forgot. Towards the end of Skok Valley there's an old gas station. It seems really out of place but there used to be a lot more traffic on that rd. Up in the hills on the way to browns creek ther is the remind of an old logging camp. The old camps were pretty much small towns way out in the boonies. I believe there's a marker sign noting the location still. Just some NW history.
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  5. Another paved trip is to go from Shelton to bellfair. Go to the Tahuya forest and do the Dewatto loop cutting down to the Northshore rd heading back to Belfair. Head back to shelton but hang off on the south shore of hood canal looping back towards The Ridge and Shelton. Stop at Union for Mexican food and margaritas. I can map this one as well if there is any interest.
  6. Those look awesome Barry! The descriptions sound clear enough that I think I can figure it out if I spend some time looking at the maps. Local knowledge of what's good is invaluable, so thanks for sharing!
  7. I always thought it was a good area to ride wether dirt, street, or dual purpose/venture until they built The Ridge 10 min from my house. Now it's just freakin' awesome.
  8. I have never been up to High Steel Bridge might have to check that out. Too bad I have to work on Friday.
  9. I wanted to send out a huge thank you to Barry for the riding tips! We did get out to see the High Steel Bridge, and it was just awesome. Apparently just Southwest of there is also another very high railroad bridge (over Vance Creek) that has no guard rails (and still has wooden planks with gaps). We will definitely be looking for some more adventure ride ideas each time we head out to the Ridge for WMRRA.

    Another thing we found that wasn't as much a technical adventure as it was just a cool find....Olympic Mountain Ice Cream. The factory is in a country home garage on Bambi Farms Rd (Off Skokomish Valey Rd). They have a huge walk-in freezer full of 'sample' size pints of some crazy cool ice cream flavors. We are definitely going to make this part of our routine for every visit to Shelton. We got there by taking Eells Rd past the track which eventually turns to gravel and drops in to the river valley. Very cool.

    Thanks again!
  10. Glad I could help. I forgot about the ice cream factory back there. Next time you are back on the Skok valley road, check out the fencing around the fields. You'll notice that there is dried grass stuck high on the wires. Large areas of that valley flood every year. You'd be under 4 or 5 ft of water. Every year without fail there are film crews from Seattle filming the salmon run as it cruises down and across the road itself. Funny to see if you can time it right.

  11. That's crazy! I saw the section of road that indicated there may be water over it. I had no idea it was *this* much water.

    I've been looking at Google Earth to try and plan out some future rides. Once I get some picked out I'll have to share them with you to see if you think they're a good idea or not.
  12. browns camp is an awesome area. merhut falls out duckabush is a good one, the easy hike around spider lake, high steel bridge and the little falls next to it, the gated closed camp on the oxbow, the olympics have a ton of cool stuff i have yet to discover.
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