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Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by TheDangerousCrew1, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. I just blew a tire.....from a tiny rock! It is still in the rear tire of my '08 GSXR 1000. I found a Pilot Power Rear tire for $153.99 online with free shipping.....versus Mt. Baker Moto for $209.00 on Sale.

    Does anyone know who will install a tire not purchased by them?

  2. BBRP on state street, downtown bellingham. 25 bucks if you bring them the wheel

  4. Mt. Baker Moto installed a tire a while back on my DRZ they didnt scratch my wheel.

    But really you should invest in some tools to do it yourself, I probably spent $200 but now i dont have to wait for a shop and with 2 bikes it will pay for itself in a year or less.
  5. Big difference between a Tard Rim and a Sportbike wheel with a 190 not to mention the price difference.
  6. I agree there is a difference but tires are pretty simple anyone who has done a few sets wont have a issue.
  7. I have all my work done at Skagit Power Sports in Burlington. Greatest people at
    that shop.
    Hope you and your ride are OK after the blow out.

  8. Did you check for the tire? I usually get all my bike stuff there and their shipping is free and super fast
  9. Thanks guys.....BBRP said they would do it for like $35 even bringing my whole bike down. They might even be able to plug the whole, they said they do it for police bikes all the time. I also asked for a price on a tire and told them where I got a good price online and they said they would match it.

    Awesome referral. Thanks guys

  10. 190/50/17 Pilot Power 2CT Rear @ Motorcyclesuperstore 144.99 & free shipping. If the shop will match their price good on them, I would go with the shop.

    I invested in the stand and tools to change my own tires 2 years ago when everyone in Spokane wanted 50.00 to change a tire, and would tell you they were a week or two out if you left your wheel with them. :scratchea 2 weeks! I got a great balancer and wheel weights on eBay for a good price too. All the stuff has paid for itself twice over in savings. Since the economy has taken a dump most shops will do it for around 25.00 to 30.00 and same day service.:mfclap:
  11. Another shameless plug for BBRP. $29.29 OTD I asked them nicely, "PLEASE no scratches" and it came back beautiful:mfclap:

    I'd tell you to go to Cycle Therapy for local sourced tires and other kit, but not if you're just getting one mounted.