AGV leathers $200 or trade for larger size

Discussion in 'Gear, Parts, & Accessories' started by R6NoOb, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. looking to sell or trade my agv leathers for a size or two larger these are just a bit tight. i bought them from this forum for 200 and id like to get my money back or trade + cash my end for some bigger ones. there in nice shape, zippers are good, pucks are perfect, they have a scuff on the right shoulder but its minor. i wore them around the house thats it 8) there size 40 btw. prob perfect for someone 5'8-5'11 im 6ft ish and there michael jackson tight.[​IMG] By frostbitten333 at 2012-06-20[/IMG][​IMG] By frostbitten333 at 2012-06-20[/IMG][​IMG] By frostbitten333 at 2012-06-20[/IMG]
  2. How much do you weigh?
  3. just under 180
  4. 2 piece or 1?
  5. Morwan

    Ughhh if you were in Seattle I'd be all over this.
  6. st.mats

    YooGene, OR
    I Ride:
    A bike with two wheels.
    If you're interested, I've got a Joe Rocket two piece that's too big for me. I'm little over 5' 10" and just under 175lbs. Height wise, it's OK for me, but it's fitting pretty loose these days. It's black, perforated, 360 zipper, and has a zip out liner. It has normal wear and bug splatter but has never been down.

    Jacket is size 'L' and pants are a size 34.

    Is the AGV perforated?
  7. i may be interested im pretty close to 6'2 so they might not work are they leather or textile? and im not sure what u mean by perforated
  8. Bottom half I'm a 38 but top half I'm a 40. I'm real interested. Are they textile or leather?
  9. there leather with shoulder and elbow armor and a back pad thingy. pm if interested
  10. st.mats

    YooGene, OR
    I Ride:
    A bike with two wheels.
    My JoeRocket setup is leather. By perforated, I mean does the suit have small holes in the chest, arms, etc, for increased airflow.

    Since you can squeeze into a size 40 suit. I'm guessing these would be tall enough for you you. If I was in the PDX area, it would be an easy matter to try it.
  11. bump. still for sale, id like a set that fits. prob 48-50
  12. anyone? :popcorn:
  13. Are they perforated? If so, I'd like to come try them on.
  14. negative sir, the inside is perforated mesh and the outside is solid leather..
  15. I want these... If you still have them by next wednesday ill probably pick them up. Sooooo, im lurking...
  16. just lemme know whenever. there just collecting dust lol
  17. bump! i want these gone
  18. aaaaah i was sold until i saw 2 piece and im not sure those would fit
  19. I have the Palomar in a size 48, they are too big for me, I probably need a size live in Beaverton, I live in Portland...any interest in trying them on with a possible swap? Mine are brand new as well.
    PM me if interested.
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