AHHH yess that hits the spot!

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  1. [​IMG] Just blizanthium in ma pic.
    [​IMG] BIKES!
    [​IMG] My bike, Mikes, and brads! oh yes.
    [​IMG]This was very, very tasty.
    [​IMG] This will probably die, but I have attempted to grow a pineapple.
  2. I looked, saw no license plates. If you want me to modify or take a pic down, No problem, PM me!
  3. Why did you not just throw these pics in the ride thread? What is in the pineapple?
  4. Should have, woops, want me to link them there?
    Guess I saw a few already in there, didn't wanna cram it up, esp these are big pics.
    Pina colada! :D No rum, :p ( the red things are maraschino cherries, I really like them)
  5. No worries just curious.
  6. >:] Good ride yo.
  7. Yeah fun times. You should have came down to Carson with us and hit Walking Man. Good chow with some good folks and as a bonus we got a stern talking to from the Forest Ranger that pulled us over at Old Man's Pass. Ya missed out.
  8. You and getting ppl talked to matt lol
  9. Nope not me this time. I was hanging towards the back of the group minding my own business.

    So Anders, is that a pic of my bike up there or Bret's ass?
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  10. You can get pulled over by those guys?
  11. RedKat600

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    They are deputized Sheriff's, so yes, you can.
  12. Ummmm. Oops..... And that's all I am going to say reguarding that.
  13. Yep he has a radar in his truck too. Just ask Jen.
  14. Haha oh yeah? Just texted you.
  15. why are people afraid to have their license plates shown on the internet?
  16. Are you kidding? Yogi and BooBoo showed up at Walking Man?
  17. Possibly another vector to identify people.
  18. By Yogi and BooBoo do you mean Dave and Greg? If so yep they were there. They will have to debate on which one has to be Yogi or BooBoo though. :nana
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  20. Does this mean that I have to wear a bow tie?


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