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alarm stuff

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by reppinthe509, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. so with my alarm on my bike i used to be able to arm it but now it wont arm. if i hold the button it will go into panic mode but thats it. anyone know anything about it?
  2. What kind of alarm?

    I would reset it by taking your neg battery cable off for about 10 seconds. Your alarm might go off, but it will probably reset it as well.

  3. maybe the remote is fryed
  4. i have two remotes...if i hold the arm button on both the panic alarm comes on but if i just press the arm button nothing. i took off the negative battery cable...still nothing. theres one wire on the alarm module that isnt connected to anything and i cant find where it connects to.
  5. Most DEI alarms wont arm if the IGN is on but they will panic. I would check for a short somewhere. Or look for a triger wire that has gotten pinched the alarm thinks a sensor has triggered and wont arm. One summer I power washed my bike and soaked the alarm box it took a few days to figure out what had gone wrong by then it had mostly dried out.
  6. well i havent been using the alarm then recently someone broke into my garage so i want it armed. like i said i found one loose wire that i cant find out where it connects to.
  7. i just took apart the module and on the chip it says ANT where the wire comes in so im guessing that means antenna so i can get it from however far away the remote is..
  8. lol, its called valet mode. You cant arm the bike it keeps the alarm from accidently going off... try pressing both arm and disarm at the same time... if that doesnt work look up the owners manual on
  9. to think about it you should be right gomes. i was going to give you crap for lazarasing this but im drunk and yuou ?might have solved my where is thsi bump this thread when your drunk thread
  10. so, i know its in valet mode, but pressing the two buttons didnt work. on the online manual and it says that theres a valet switch but i cant find it.
  11. bukwld

    bukwld Moderator Staff Member

    when it doubt, call the manufacturer and they wil hopefully help ya...
  12. i called aspen sound where the guy got it installed at but they said you can press arm disarm arm and it will get out of valet mode. or there should be a button under the seat. on the brain of the alarm there is a slot for a blue two pin which says valet switch..with no 2pin wire coming in. so that leads me to believe there is no valet switch.
    also i emailed the guy i bought it from but he hasnt replied yet.
  13. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    This is gonna sound kinda lame. What condition is the battery in, in the remote unit?
  14. as in is the remote dead?
    no i can hold the arm button and it will go into panic mode. also i have two remotes that both work..
  15. Dude - google it - go to their site - look up wiring schematics - all the info you need is at your fingertips - troubleshoot.... or at least list out EVERYTHING you did before asking for help and saying - DID THAT. . . .DID THAT. . . . DID THAT. . . . :)

    ...just sayin..:mfclap:
  16. did that
  17. PM me if you havent figured it out yet I have extra switches for DEI products... just make sure to snap a pic and post it one of the connector for the valet switch and one of the model number which should be on the brain.... also try to turn on the ignition and hit arm... see if that works... you really should not have to use the valet switch, its more for disabling an alarm out of control.... But yeah pm me and ill meet up with you to fix it.
  18. [​IMG]

    i didnt get a snapshot of the model number. ill get it when its light out.. but the blue one is for the valet switch. i just want to know how it went into valet in the first place without the switch
  19. Yeah I have a few extra switches that would fit that PM me for a phone #. Did you try the buttons with the ignition on??? i know there is some trick.. it changed quite often though so I cant be sure. but yeah you usually only need the valet switch to program feature to the brain or disarm without the FOB. But anyhow give me a call and I can meet up with you and get it going for ya..
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