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allrighty then!!

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by wavygravy, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. any of you locals rideing tomorrow? come on yall lets ride! sheesh im tied of being the only bike on the road lol! ill check in the morning to see whats up! ride for adventure or like ya stole it! lets fly ya,ll! yelm bunch is heading this way, maybe we could showem the sights , them show em up!! you know my #!:mfclap:
  2. That's THURSTON COUNTY bunch, ahem....Yelm, Rainier, Oly, Lacey, Tum...that would be great if we can meet up once we get down there.

  3. do ya all know the route you will be takeing? when you come out of the highway from raymond/southbend youll come an intersection on the naselle river call me when ya get there! 360 244 0047! & ill hook up with yall & show ya some bad ass twisties!! if ya come in from the longview side of the columbia which is the best way bike wise & not the oregon side of the river, call when ya get to naselle!
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  4. I wish I could have met up with all of you, but I'm working. Have fun if you're out there. Be safe, or I might be the one picking you up for your ride to the hospital.
  5. i met up with crew olympia later as expected for a group ride, they got started late & had to eat & fly back home before it got to late, all opted for the wetdog for eats which was a cluster***k as normal no parking downtown especially during the goonies festival! i was goin nutz waiting to ride & totally overheated & i just couldnt hang i had to fly so i left the crew & headed out to cool down, what a great day! i wish they could have gotten here sooner so i could have showed them the sights ect! to all who may want to visit our local area & need a base camp to check out all our goodies here on the coast may i offer a place for camping bbq ect! camp wavy!! lots of festivitys & such goin on all summer!! next time let us locals guide ya to the best digs for eatin & such, faster & better around with ample parking! i just wish more crew astoria was available today darn it! summers just getting started, yahoo!!!
  6. yo Wavy....we were wondering what happened to you.
    Your gloves were left in the care of that steakhouse where we had lunch.
  7. Wish I could have went!I had to go to graduation/parties.It was such a nice day for a ride!Hope you guys all had fun.
  8. i wonderd what happend to my gloves ?they were wore out cheapies anyway! so sorry yall had to turn & burn, i know how it is, but it was cool seeing a large group of bikes not all clad in leather chaps , ape hangers & such! a good spread of good practical rideing machins was present, way cool thurstin county group!!:mfclap:
  9. I like to play tour guide also. I helped show a mixed group around last year. Not as big as this group yesterday, but from different areas. There were two from Southern Oregon and two from the Seattle area. I met the Southern Oregon guys in Pacific City and guided them all the way to Clatskanie to meet with the Seattle guys, then we all went into Seaside. Unfortunately I was a lone Yamaha in a bunch of Kawi's. Being a tour guide is always rewarding.