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alpinestar SMX 5 problem

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by MurderedAsRx, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. So the other day these got wet in this beautiful PNW weather, i set them in the laundry room then the sun the next day to dry. now on both feet, right above the big tow there is a lump under the liner. ive fiddled with them trying to smooth it out, or bend back whatever it is that got balled up but no luck. anyone had this happen? its right below the rubber piece on the top of the tow that protects the boot from wear from the shifter. its an extremely uncomfortable spot on both feet. any suggestions? i bought them just over a year ago from RMC and there is no taking them back there....
  2. or how do i return these or get them repaired?

  3. I hear a* has good customer service when you call them. I'm about to test it out myself on a backpack that's falling apart in under 4 months of seldom use. I'd try contacting them via their website and get their phone number as well.
  4. Call A* customer service. Due to the method used to dry them, they may not accept the warranty claim, but it's worth a shot. You'll have to send them back with an RMA before they'll make a decision one way or another.

  5. set em in the tub in ankle deep warm water for a while then shove something in the toe to hold it open then dry them out slow
  6. Yea! Someone spelled it right! :mfclap:
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