Alpinestars Back Protector raffle

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  1. I have a back protector that I don't need anymore, and instead of selling it I figured I would do a donation/raffle. The back protector is a large Alpinestars that looks like this one: [​IMG]

    I'll get actual pictures up later. For reference I'm 6ft, 210lbs and it fits just fine. The waist has a good amount of adjustment and is stretchy, so it would probably fit someone even remotely close to my size.

    For a $1 donation to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, you get your name in the raffle once. So if you donate $10, you'll get your name in the drawing ten times. I'll only do this until there are $90 in donations (about the value of the back protector when new) or if it takes forever and I get tired of waiting. So if someone really wants to have it, and feel good about donating to a good cause, they can donate $90 and they have it (or really good chances of having it depending on the number of entries).

    All that I ask is you post up a copy of the screenshot below (feel free to blur out your physical address) and email me a copy of the confirmation email at: b (dot) miller123 (at) yahoo (dot) com (no spaces) Don't forget to include your screen name here on PNWriders in the email.

    I will cover the shipping if someone non-local wins.

    Here is the link to donate:

    Here is the screen shot that I would like posted here in the thread:
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  2. shelbyguy

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    love the idea.

    ill get on this tonight.
  3. I figured I might as well do something good once and a while, and someone might get a back protector for a buck.
  4. Bump.

    Don't let Norm get a back protector for a dollar.
  5. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    how bout 10?

  6. [​IMG]
    Done! Great idea!
  7. Awesome guys, thanks for donating!
  8. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

  9. Indeed. Sad turnout so far. Come on people, it is only a dollar, and to a good cause to boot.

  10. Bump for a good cause!
  11. Bump! This is a great idea you cheap bastards.
  12. crackup:

    It so good, you are trying to get more people to lower your chances of winning!

    Come on you cheap mofo's, ante up a dollar for a good cause!!!!

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    for OPRT with an '07 SXV550 (The Darkness) and a '13 ZX14R (Mjölnir).
    I'm in for $10. Just wait till this evening when I can get a screenshot transferred from my phone.
  14. Be sure to hide the donkey porn before the screen shot.
  15. Love this idea! Wish I had seen it before I did my goodwill, I would have loved to have done something similar. You can count me in :)

  16. Awesome! Thanks for donating to a good cause! :mfclap:
  17. If I needed a back protector, I'd be in on this. Good idea!
  18. So are we sitting in limbo waiting for more backers?
  19. it would appear so
  20. Good idea! I'm in for $15. Would make a solid gift for my boyfriend, and either way it's a worthy cause.

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