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  1. I'd like to say firsthand, that I want these to go to someone who can't afford expensive gloves or boots, preferably that you don't have any in the first place.

    I got a great deal on some used SMX-Plus, and A* GP-Plus gloves, so I'm letting my old gear go for cheap.

    $10 each:

    Alpinestars SMX Boots - Size 45 - They are in usable shape, you'll want to buy new sliders, as I lost one.

    Alpinestars GP-Plus Gloves - Black - Medium - They have been wrecked in, but no compromising damage, and they'll protect you through a few more probably.

    Pickup in Portland, from my house prefered, but if you DON'T HAVE gloves or boots, I'll ship them for $10 each (For my time and shipping.)

    Oh, and you have to pinky swear you won't just go re-sell these.

    The Black Ones on the Left - Mind you they aren't perfect, but they're repairable and usable.

    Again, wearable and if you condition them, they'll look pretty good. Black ones.
  2. Brian_M

    I'd take the boots if you'd be willing to ship I'll pay for shipping. I don't have any boots yet, I've got the whole setup except the boots
  3. Saber63

    Kent, WA
    I Ride:
    like a newb
    pm sent
  4. No offense, but if you ride an aprilia, or an 08 cbr 600rr, you should be able to afford gloves and boots.

    These are going to someone who can't afford good gear.
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  5. ok thanks , anyways if I could afford gear then i wouldnt be wearing tennis shoes or jeans when I ride. thx Hath ps still interested.
  6. Brian_M

    I can't afford boots which is why I replied to begin with, but no matter it's ok. Someone's going to get a great deal :thumblef:
  7. Jesus, why not require proof of income then? Or require the person to be on WIC. Maybe set some actual rules, since a persons word isn't enough. Judging it off the bike they ride is pretty lame. I ride a 03 Buell, so i must be hurting bad. Even though i can buy pretty much any bike i want outright. Since your so well off because of the bike you ride, why don't you just donate the money to pnwriders.
  8. If you don't like my "rules", then you can stay out of this thread.

    I'm trying to help someone who can prioritize. They are my gear, I get to make the rules. Do you not understand how it works?

    All I'm looking to do, is give it to someone who could really use them.

    Hath, for example, is taking a trip tomorrow that'll cost him $40, MINIMUM on gas alone.
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  9. Oh, and I guess you can call me an asshole because I wouldn't sell my bike to some kid who wanted it, to "wheelie and street race," even though he had the cash in his hand.
  10. I still fit all those descriptions. Broke college student - riding a nighthawk 250. No gear (jacket, pants, gloves, boots). I am going to borrow a helmet from brian M

    Never responded to my pm so Let me know
  11. PM sent for the boots!
  12. zook

    I agree. Like the guy with the Aprilia...Uncle Tommy could've given it to him for free. Brian_M could've gotten it as a gift for helping an old lady across the street. btw. Aprilia doesn't always mean $$$$.

    If someone is willing to lie about being 'poor', than so be it. Give them the shit, and move on. It's boots for crying out loud.
  13. Just because I ride an 08 600rr doesnt mean I can afford gear, anyways someone is gonna get a good set of boots even if they lie about it. laters Hath
  14. are they still available?
    i can pick them up today.

    i really want to do a track day but need the gear.
  15. They are both gone.
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