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Ama sx

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by fastfoodfred, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Is anyone pumped up for this, or am I the only one that cares? I haven't heard any studder, bench racing, or smack talking, yet.
  2. SX is cool, but the outdoor racing is more exciting, and endurocross is the shit

  3. Hell ya I'm PUMPED! Ready for all the new hype and to start the fantasy pool. This year is going to be AWSOME. Whoop whoop!:mfclap:

  4. Whatevaaaar! SX is the only one that has media coverage anywhere near what they put into woman's semi-pro darts. Besides, fitness doesn't play a role as much in it, either. I can't sit and have marathon drunk fests like I used to, I don't have time for it. 2, 30 minute+ motos is too much to drink through, especially when you count all the practices and the fact that they MIGHT play one race live (the 2nd one), tell you all about the other, then play it a week later on TV. All this while trying to avoid spoiler threads on our favorite forums to talk shit on.

  5. Lmao, tell me how you REALLY feel!

    I'm really anxious to see how Dungy does on a real bike.

    And all of em better beat Bubba, I'm sick of that spoiled little jerk.

    Poto has it again this year, if he can stay healthy.
  6. +1

    I'm pretty excited. Really though, most excited about heading over to the Seattle Super X with my wife and daughter again this year. Had so much fun last year and she was only 7 months old. Better ear plugs this year though. Can't beat the free tickets either!
  7. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    It has the potential to be another epic year! I also think RV is the man to beat, now that he knows how to win it. Dungy will be tough with Roger guiding him and Bubba may have finally found someone to harness his talent in the "coach"? I can't wait. Shame about Roczen and Byrne getting hurt already, hopefully there won't be more.
  8. Yah, injuries are a bitch for sure. Hopefully K-Roc can get healed up quick. Lots of potential in a lot of these younger riders!
    My goal this year is to meet K.Windham. Been watching him since I was a kid!
  9. Canard is out too... broke his collar bone :angry7:

    But I agree... this should be another EPIC year :mfclap:


    And Supercross rocks Pete hehe

    But I do agree... outdoors is where they separate the insane from the nutty ;)
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  10. Are you saying the Suzuki is not a competitive bike and the Ktm is a better platform?:tard:

    And Rogers been guiding him his whole career, along with a mentor that did ok on the ol zook platform.......... man what was that racers name?
  11. Atta boy, Jason. Stir the cauldron and add onions and carrots.
  12. Yes. You caught the tater. nice job Sherlock! :fallinga:
  13. BTW..... just wanted to point out ahhhhhh you be wrong :nana
  14. of course Debi. You're always right. KTM is NOT the best off road motorcycle. So you don't like yours? Can i have it?
  15. I remember watching Larry Ward win in the king dome that was a epic race.
  16. Dungey can choke on a dick. just sayin....

    also, its not always about SX but since i know all of you are interested, check out its awesome.

    RV for the championship FTW
  17. Round 1 airs live on Speed Jan. 7 at 6pm
  18. Will be interesting to see how jeff wards new team will do, hopefully grant can stay healthy
  19. Wow... a man that admits a woman is always right :scared

    and no you cantssssssssss have eeeeet :nana and yes I do likey my KTM well OK fine loves my KTM :secret: But I still say Suzuki is a great bike... just ask Mr. D :nana

    I think Wardy's team will do great for their 1st season :mfclap: