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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Melbs5150, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Melbs5150

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    Portland, OR
    I am offering an AMSOIL group buy now because I just found out the prices will increase shortly. I am keeping it Portland/ Vancouver only because the costs for shipping really eat up the discount. If someone is interested in paying for shipping, or driving down to Portland, then of course I will include them

    Due to company policies, I can not publicly advertise pricing, but it will be as near to dealer cost as I can get with just enough to cover my fuel to get to the warehouse.

    Items I can order are not just for motorcycles, although that has been 80% of my business this last year. Here are some products I can get for you for extremely low prices:

    Chain lube
    10W40 oil
    20W50 oil
    SAE 60 oil
    10W30 Oil
    Octane Boost
    Gear lube
    NGK Spark plugs
    Fork oil
    Synthetic grease
    Diesel Oil
    Motor oil for cars/ trucks

    To see everything you can get, go here

    So here's how this will go down:

    Send me a PM of what you want, or if you don't know exactly, tell me what you need the products for and I can cross reference from my catalog. I will send you a reply with pricing.

    I will need payment up front, as the last time I did this for another forum, I had to front $4K and didn't quite make it all back.

    This is good for this week and most of next, to give people time to budget and will close on the 13th. All co-ordinations will be made via PM on here. If someone needs a few days after the 13th, we can work something out.

    I have repeatedly asked some mods for clarification if I could do this, but have yet to get an official response, so I will take the risk and just post it up anyways.
  2. lena

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    Portland, OR
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    Hmm, you never asked me ...

    I believe group buys are for Site Sponsors only. Moved to Marketplace.
  3. Melbs5150

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    Portland, OR
    I asked Dillon. Guess that was my problem.
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