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Android app for lap timing?

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Gnarly 928, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. ...and don't tell me "buy an I-phone"

    What are the best apps to use with an android phone to log lap times? I know there are some who have these and like em, but there are a bunch available. I have used a Garmin bike computer in the past with some success but it needs a good shot at the satellites to get good dependable times..hard to find a spot on the bike out of harms way for that. I'd like to stick my phone in the pocket of my suit and be able to see laps after a session.
    Thanks, Don Hanson

  2. Good experience with this app, I used it in configuration with external GPS set at 5hz sample rate and it looked fairly accurate.

    With how cheap phones are these days just an older phone that's not even connected to any service and an external GPS receiver is going to be under $200 and work quite well.
  3. BTW I hope someone did find that GPS receiver somewhere trackside at ORP last year :)
  4. I've used Trackmaster w/o an external GPS and it pretty much just doesn't work. I gave up trying to use it at PIR and there's not even a track map for ORP. For the cost of an external GPS, I figure I might as well just buy a regular lap timer.
  5. Walk out on the track, on the straight preferrably, set the start/stop waypoint and it'll make a track map when you go ride next time. For just getting lap times built-in GPS should work Ok. For lap over lap comparison and such didn't look like 1hz update rate from built-in GPS is good enough.

    Here's how it looks like, I uploaded some of my data from way back.
  6. that's probably where I went wrong. I tried to set up the waypoint ahead of time. The final straw for me was the last time I used it, each session was logged as one long 20 minute lap, even though it seemed to acknowledge the start/stop point.

    I'm considering a mini XT. I just want to see the times from one lap to the next so I know if what I'm doing is working.
  7. :thumblef:
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