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another crash up past cougar today(hes okay)

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by TheSumoBear, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Headed up the hill today from cougar I noticed a bike behind me from out of no where (must have been haulin ass) so I waved him by. Then we get to the twisties and it starts gettin interesting. I was having a lot of fun riding behind this guy, his pace was perfect for me. We got stuck behind a semi for a bit then it finally turned off and we got back on it.
    Then suddenly the dude just fades to the out side of a right hand curve, crosses the oncoming lane and goes straight into the ditch. Rag doll flipped like 2 or 3 times. one of the most violent crashes I've seen in person. Some how gets up like its no big deal! Walks away with just a bruise on his back. Bike was still rideable too. He was on a gsxr. Not sure what CC. I have video of it uploading at the moment, but its taking for ever. :/ footage isn't that great though because of all the shadows.

    Edit here's the video
    Jump to to 11:30 for the crash. Sorry I don't know how to edit for nothin. The rest of vid is boring so may as well just skip it.
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  2. Damn, glad someone was there to help him out, he will probably feel sore tomorrow.
  3. Definitely awaiting vid. Glad the rider is ok though!
  4. I'm fine. Thanks for all the help today.

    Gixxah is too.

    Those carbon fiber flip flops saved my foot though!
  5. Hahaha. It's still Gahh Idk why its going soo slowww.

    Oh funny twist of the story I ended up knowing this guy. I used to work with him at a bike shop back in 07. Some of you might know him too. I guess he works at motocorsa in Portland now...
  6. Irony= Motocorsa worker skipping own employers trackday to head out in the country and ride to fast for the street :angry7:
  7. here's the video Jump to to 11:30 for the crash. Sorry I don't know how to edit for nothin. The rest of vid is boring so may as well just skip it.
    And its not that spectacular of a crash since he goes into the shadows. Sorry.
  8. Lol.he said that too
  9. Yet only 30 seconds after the brutal crash:

    "You alright dude....Fuck..."
    "Dude Tyler!"
    "Mother F'er!"
    "What the fuck is up dude?"
    "Hey whats up, nice to see you...on this fantastic day...."
    "Fuck I know right? Oh shit I think I forgot to turn my key off I'll be right back."

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  10. Glad he's ok. What really happened? I cant tell from the video in the shaded area tho.
  11. illegal gravel or bbq sauce :p
  12. Glad he's ok so I don't feel bad about laughing at this exchange. Priceless indeed.
  13. He went off the road trying to outrun that smiling sumo face in his mirror.
  14. Lol Matt. I think maybe he was tryin to pull me, he kept lookin back to see if I was still there. One of those dudes that couldnt believe I was hangin with him on a "dirtbike" but that's just a guess. When he goes into the shadows the bike flips once and he goes end over end a few times. It looks a lot better if you watch on a computer than your phone.
    Ended up right next to a big ass rock too, he's really lucky if he'd of hit that with a soft spot on his body he'd of been in way worse shape. The bushes seemed to have broke the fall quite nicely for him.

    And had he been injured I wouldnt have worried about my key being on, but he seemed okay, and I've had my battery go dead once when I ran inside my house for a couple minutes to get a drink of water lol
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  15. +1
  16. Just talked to Tyler over email, he says his shoulder and neck feel messed up. Gonna hit the chiropracter.
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