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Another crash video...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Grankor, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Man I hate to see good bikes torn up like that. I'll bet most of those guys regret being stupid as soon as they lose it.

    Stunting is SO DUMB, IMO.

  2. "If you can't afford to fix it, don't break it."

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  3. Fixed it for you. :mrgreen:
  4. I need another beer :drunk:
  5. Stunters probably say the same thing after watching a collection of trackday crashes.

    At least *most* of these stunts seemed to be in dedicated events or parking lots instead of in traffic.
  6. I love how the guy on the yellow bike (around 1:50) tries to stunt and dumps it bad........ And his friends with the camera keep driving and film THE BIKE. LOL. It's like they couldn't care that their friend went down, they paid attention to the bike. Classic!!
  7. What kind of stunt was that in the intersection?
  8. That was a reverse-Greenlight into a Suburban
  9. In that case ... he executed it perfectly.
  10. :mfclap::evil4:
  11. I'm pretty sure people that speed regret being stupid as soon as they see flashy lights behind'em, and stunting is about as smart as riding on the track, or getting on a bike in shorts, tennis shoes, and a leather jacket. after all, you need your hands in good condition to roll a wheel chair huh

    more like "if you cant afford to fix it, dont own it" because sooner or later we all crash, and motorcycling is an expensive sport

    :popcorn: :stir: :stir: :popcorn:

    hmm. need more popcorn for this thread :D

    and props to the last guy jumping on the bike, that was pretty awesome
  12. Usually a kid
  13. Yeah, there's that.
  14. When is someone going to make a video of car crashes and call it "Why I got rid of my car"?
  15. As a matter of fact...

    Car#1 Catalytic converter, coolant leak, fuel level sensor, blower motor & relay

    Car#2 Transmission, timing chain, valve train.

    +gas prices


    Ditched both cars and went 100% bike.
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