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Another other women...?

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by MasterProcrastinator, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. My husband has a standing "dude Sunday" order, leaving me to do whatever girly things I want to do all day on Sundays. Its a great arrangement and I typically end up riding. I don't have any female friends who ride but it would be fun to get a group together. Any other women interested in an all girl ride on Sunday afternoons?
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  2. It's been awhile, that I'm aware of, since the last all girls ride; granted I'm sure there have been others with lady riders I don't know. 8 13 2006.

    I should know on this one, I hauled one of the wreaked bikes back for the lady rider that went down.

    This isn't to say she was a bad rider, just things happen. Sad day after that.

    Here's a list of some of the lady riders from back then that still ride and a few newer ones... Most still ride, but not all… Many haven't been on PNW in ages... Go figure.

    PNW screen names:

    CallMeCrazy – crashed
    Twice Shy

    Other lady riders:

    Vengeful Vixen
    Wild Angel

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  3. You just missed a couple of killer, "girls only" rides... Keep your eyes peeled, they pop up.
  4. (sadface) If I lived in an Easterly direction, I'd join in for sure. Would love to meet/ride with more ladies - no offence, gentlemen!
  5. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Brad, you forgot Vanillabean.

    And JohnnyM just rides like a girl...


  6. If I wore a kilt (which is kinda like a skirt), would that count?
  7. can you fill a bra? still running block and tackle? then no.
  8. Ah well, was worth a shot... :devil:
  9. Go down to Cycle gear and talk to Tristan. She's sort of at the epicenter of the female riding association of Spokane.
  10. or sylvia :)


    *bwuahahaha like you don't*
    you were picturing him... it shows...
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  11. In my experience, women never go down.
  12. And shes a 10! haha
  13. Wish I could help out, but I'm on the west side of the mountains. I tend to do an all-woman ride once or twice a month via my Meetup Lady Riders. You can also see about getting into the PNW Angels forum (since I've been told we're not allowed to post women only events on the main forum). Check with Lena, but it seems most of the riders there are in Portland.

    But it looks like Blues Brothers hooked you up with a few local gals (Hey dude, long time no hear). But if you ever come over this way, look me up for a ride. I do a bunch of backroad twisties around here. Hopefully next year will explore Spokane.
  14. crackup:sounds like a personal problem
  15. Thanks for all the responses! Had some things come up and didn't get to check in here for a few days but I appreciate the contacts and will get in touch with the suggestions, though a bit late for this week.
  16. I would be interetsed but usually not available on Sunday until LATE afternoons I would love an afterwork ride sometime during the week I also do not come on PNW much anymore.
  17. Count me in for Sunday rides while the weather is decent!
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