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Anti sportbike iPhone game.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by r1zebra, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Last night my gf downloaded the free app HIGHWAY RIDER.

    This is a game in which your objective is to get as many near misses in traffic as possible while going as fast as possible. The result is always a graphic crash listing all broken bones and tallying hospital bill while a pool of blood collects around your rider. When you try again your character is shown leaving the hospital commenting on how he can't be stopped from his crazy riding.

    The game plays so blatantly on the negative stigma that it is funny, especially the character comments. Now I find myself hooked on seeing how high a hospital bill I can run up and how many semi trucks I can cut off Sooo bad!!

    498k / 27 suckas!!
    Am I going to biker hell for loving this app or what!

  2. Fun game....but for some reason only play it well lying down lol I think my high score is like 280.
  3. Ditto. :mrgreen:
  4. You just destroyed what little productivity i had at work....
  5. Everyone that makes iPhone games hates motorcycles.
    And America.
  6. Tap the speedo to wheelie and troll traffic.


    78 noob.
  7. 280 cars! I need to practice. They come at you so fast after 20!
    Maybe I should do a track day before I play again.
  8. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Also available for Android FYI. Have it now......
  9. You get into a "groove" The 1st 50 or so are hard, after that you just crash cause your not paying attention.
  10. First try, hit first car. $404,000. Did terrible and awesome at the same time
  11. I was thinking this was going to be a tirade about boycotting the game developer, apple, and cell phones because of the misrepresentation about the typical sports bike rider and what an injustice that is.

    Glad to see I was wrong.
  12. No way! Where else can I piss off 45 drivers and it only costs me 530k hospital bill. crackup:
  13. Where on earth do they get those stereotypes?


    Nevermind. :angry7:
  14. The creator obviously knows nothing about bikes. You could score much higher points on a gixxer:stir:
  15. +1 :thefinge:
  16. Hahaha available for iPad also of course.... Looks like my workday is done. The slow motion groaning makes the game
  17. Not up on my homo hand-signals, I guess. What's he signing?
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