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Any FZ1 owners/experts in the Seattle area?

Discussion in 'Westside' started by JayR, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I bought a 2005 fz1 with 27k miles from the first owner. I bought it today and have put about 50 miles on it. The bike seems like it needs a tune up. The bike is in pretty good condition but I feel that it seems to have a "hair trigger" throttle, rpm's don't change much going through higher gears, and I seem to be searching for higher gear all the time.

    I do not know much about bike tech but it seems like it might be a jetting, stuck choke, sprocket, or running rich issue. I do not now else to explain it. Riding in the city and shifting to higher gears does not seem to affect the rpm's much. As a result, I do not know if I am on 2nd gear or 5th gear. I am always trying to shift up.

    Could someone try to explain what is going on? I am planning to take the bike to the shop for a change of fluids and a tune up.

    Any FZ1 owners/experts in the Seattle area? Any recommendations for a good shop would be helpful. I would love to meet and chat.

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  2. Before you do anything else, run a bottle/can of Seafoam fuel system cleaner through a tank of gas. Seems to have helped other FZ1 owners over the years.

  3. Thank you for the links. Looks like I have reading to do. I might try the seafoam first to see if it helps with the issue.
  4. mjn

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  5. How much riding experience do you have?
  6. After thinking about the symptoms, sounds similar to what my used KLR was doing when I first bought it. Cleaning the fairly nasty airfilter took care of it.

    Jay, I can try and meet-up with you Sunday at the old Renton Motorcycle Center off 405. Will shoot a PM with possible time.

  7. Have about 7 years of riding experience. I am43 years old and returning to motorcycling after a 20 year break. I have just done some occasional riding during that time.
  8. Sorry, some of the wording on your question just doesn't make sense. It just sounding like someone who was a new rider and/or a guy with a new bike (which obviously you have a new to you bike). Not trying to dog on you.

    A sprocket would not have anything to do with what you are experiencing. I just don't see how you could not know if you were in fifth or second gear. As mentioned above, shifting into higher gears while going slow isn't going to have a huge effect on rpm's. What do you mean by "hair trigger" throttle? Is it off/on all the time through the rpm range, and different speeds, or is it lugging until you get the throttle all the way open? Riding in the city shouldn't ever require more than 3rd gear. How high of an rpm are you shifting at?
  9. About using Sea Foam; use 1 oz. per gallon of gas.

    An entire can in a 4 or 5 gallon gas tank is too much.
  10. No offense taken. I am just returning to biking after a long time. I looked around for a sv650 naked version but none worked out ok. Either they had a salvage title or the seller was just unreasonable with pricing. I came across this FZ1 which was a 1'owner bike and was reasonably priced. So I picked it up with the intention of trying it out for a while and if it was something I didn't feel comfortable riding, I would just sell it and get a 650cc bike.

    After riding the bike for 50 miles or so, I think I am getting comfortable riding it. Obviously I am taking it real easy and just riding on local roads. I do not think I will ever use all the power of the motor ever. I did not buy this bike "wanting" a liter bike. Anyways, that is my story.

    As for the bike, you are right. It is new to me and I do not have any baseline with which to judge how it is riding. Hence, my questions about it.

    As for my riding, I pretty much stay under 3-4k for my riding shifting up to third or fourth. I do not notice much of a drop in rpms shifting up to third or fourth at street legal speeds. I have not opened the throttle beyond that and do not intend to until I get some substantial miles under my belt and get to know the bike better.

    It is difficult to modulate the throttle while starting in first gear. This is what i meant by hair trigger throttle. It is difficult to modulate the throttle at low rpms while releasing the clutch. The clutch seems to have a pretty long throw. I am still trying to figure out the point at which the clutch starts disengaging.

    Sorry about the vague descriptions. I am not that educated on these terminologies and find it difficult to explain things in plain English. Hope you guys can put up with it until I catch up.

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  11. Thank you for the information. I am planning to try out some this weekend. Does it smoke a lot if I ride around with Sea Foam in the tank? How long before I should be able to notice any difference?

  12. I don't think your questions are silly. As for the RPM issue, these liter bikes don't really show their differences between gears that substantially unless you are flogging them. The FZ1 is a great choice that you will likely be happy with.

    I think going the seafoam route with an air filter and plug change might be a good start. Generally, I go through new filters and plugs on a new bike anyway when I pick them up.

    What sort of bike did you have before? If yo haven't ridden an in-line 4, it is a totally different beast than a V-twin.
  13. Try shifting at higher rpm's. That doesn't mean you have to whack the throttle open, but try stepping it up as you get comfortable. Go 1k higher each time until you are shifting at seven or eight. Obviously don't cruise around that high, but shifting at 3k on a bike that revs to 12k is being fairly gentle.

    When you are taking off, try letting the clutch out slower and give it more gas. If you release the clutch too quickly, it can seem like the throttle is an on/off switch like you describe. (my R1 would do the same, but the fuel injection made it worse). Don't be afraid of higher revs, just keep your hand on the clutch as pulling the clutch in will be a smoother transition than slamming the throttle closed.
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