any old school bikes out?

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  1. I ride a 1975 cb125 I restored with my gramps. Its fun, yeah it aint the sports bike I want but its a good bike. I have put almost 3000 miles on it since December. You might have seen me once or so. I ride with a yellow mohawk.
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    Hopefully I'll get to see it one of these days. Cool you restored it with your gramps. Welcome to PNW riders.
  3. davidk

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    2001 Ducati ST4
    DEFINE old school!!
    My OLD 95 SPARK and FUEL Duck - seems pretty old school!!
    No computers - no traction anything...
    I ride with a YELLOW lid - NO mohawk!!
    Just saying!!
    GO get the TAG!!
  4. I kick around on a Kawasaki from time to time.
  5. davidk

    Bainbridge Island, WA
    I Ride:
    2001 Ducati ST4
    In that era of bike - I had a 73 or 74 Kawi 125 Enduro that I turned into an "MX" bike -
    Before that was an SL 100 Honda - AS I remember, there was the SL, the CL and road version, CB...
    Have fun out there - look for the RED Monster with the OLD guy with a Yellow Lid ....
  6. Im currently rebuiliding a cb750. Im hoping to have fully finished and back on the road next summer.

    1978 cb750 f2 supersport
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  7. Bring your CB to the annual Car and Bike show at That One Place in Port Orchard on Sunday, 11am-3pm LINKY

    You'll see me and my '74 CB450 there =)
  8. I have heard of this "that on place" and it was a lot of good I mean. Think I might show. Its by Auto Zone on PO down from walmart I think.
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  10. grabbing this old school Yamaha today! I'm going to have to put some work in to make it a decent runner and looker before I sell it. I sold a few of these when they were new while working at Lynnwood Yamaha :mrgreen:

    Its a 81 XV920RH Euro, often mistaken for a virago or called a seca...In Europe it was sold as a TR1. It only came to the US in 81/82 and instead of a cruiser stance it was a bit more of a "sport" stance and it had an enclosed chain drive vs shaft and 18" rear vs 16" on a Virago..

    Here's a shot as it sits, I will post up progress soon
  11. I've got a 1975 shovel head, bought it brand new in 1975. It is one of my get-back-on-the-road projects.
  12. I ride a 1979 gs 850 every where, ca. last year
  13. bcj


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    Still looking at batteries? Check out the Shorai Li. Small and light.

    ( the carpenter ants et your primary drive shaft ) :secret:
  14. That's the place. Right behind the Auto Zone and Rite Aid. Very good food indeed.

    Good point! Here ya go. "Jones"
  15. Here is the bike I rode to Vashon Island from Vancouver (WA) last year right after we finished rebuilding it. It's just about the only vintage bike I have that is still almost bone-stock. Next week the back way around the east side of Mt. St. Helens is supposed to open again to Randle, which is the route I like to take to Seattle, via US12 west to Morton and the north on 7 through Elbe to Spanaway. If I'm in town and the weather is nice I'll probably ride it up for the next Backfire Moto night:

  16. Shoot I wanna, my bike is maybe not pretty enough for a show haha...I ride it everyday! I work tomorrow to...shit!
  17. I know that bike the "ghost flame paint job " on the car..wait.....:scratchea8)
  18. RD 400, hell yes, love those bikes!! I had a brand new RZ 350 in high school back in the day. Love the sound of a RD/RZ on expansion chambers, soooooooo nasty!
  19. I like what you've done to her! Pedestrian cutter is a nice touch as are the wrapped pipes. Are those the short shocks? Looks good!8)

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