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Any other motorcycle couriers out there?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Mechanical Husbandry, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Hello-
    I've been reading this board for a while and I've finally joined, thanks for the gracious welcome Beansbaxter! I'm a messenger in Seattle and I was wondering if there were any other motorcycle delivery people in the forums... I already know all three of us here in Seattle, what about Portland/Spokane/Tacoma/Boise? Anyone know of any motorbike courier groups that I might not know about? Thanks-

  2. Holy resize batman! Just kidding. Curious, how much coin to you pull down as a courier? Sounds like a fun way to make a living. Welcome!

  3. chrispittman

    chrispittman ineedmywigchopped

    that picture is far too small and clear.

    ibtl ftw omg wtf
  4. It's a commissioned job so it varies a lot. I was able to take home $5 or 6K per month two years ago, now my income is sometimes half that. It's always fun though.
  5. chrispittman

    chrispittman ineedmywigchopped

    $5 or 6k? that's a huge difference, how were you able to plan for bills and such?
  6. Fantastic. I work for PDX's largest courier company (Senvoy) and we don't use any bikes... but that would certainly be fun. I haven't heard of or seen any motorcycle couriers but we utilize "walkers" and bicycle riders downtown.
  7. I read about a guy in the Bay area that delivers Pizza on his RC51 has insane high miles on it. Id prolly pick an SV650S for that line of work myself.
    You prolly got Mad skillz in slow traffic an confined areas.
  8. It is a huge difference. Mostly I drink really cheap beer now, and I've had to cut some of my overhead- like trying to get 20,000 miles out of a Pilot Power.
  9. My first courier bike was an SV650, it's kind of the ultimate city bike. Wish I still had it.
  10. Don't know of any other local moto-bike couriers other than that crazy guy on the modded first-gen Honda Hurricane. I can say that I see you all over the city though. Sometimes 3 or 4 times per day so you must be busy... good work :mfclap:

    I'm the guy waving from a different bike/scooter/vehicle everytime so no I am not stalking you :devil:
  11. chrispittman

    chrispittman ineedmywigchopped

    Oh hey, btw I keep a close eye on your car for you at night! :ninja:
  12. Cool, thanks man. Say howdy next time. I've been parking in that garage since '04 with no probs. You work for these guys?
  13. Hey Kie- That's not me in the photo, it's a pic I took of my co-worker dean Lawson. I ride the ghetto-paint 636 that I think you've seen at your shop when Edip was riding it. Cheers!
  14. cool! I know a few portland bike messengers, do you know tim mason?
  15. yeah I haven't even seen anyone that does that in this area... > I have been thinking about it for some time though... the way things are going, it'd be a great idea for passing the time... Kudos, and welcome...
  16. And all this time I thought that was a homeless guy on an SV
  17. Yep, that's what 45,000 miles a year looks like. The dude's boots are more shoe-goo than leather.
  18. I don't have any sponsors... the guy in the photo is my co-worker, and he has managed to get a few hook-ups by covering his bike with logos and stickers- mostly from Aurora Suzuki. I don't even ride with my company name visible- for liability reasons, I suppose. I do have to irritate the occasional driver.