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Any Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by jsek29, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. The wife and I are coming over to Boise this weekend, to see if we may want to move from Portland. Anyone in Boise have any recommendations of things to see that would be deal makers or breakers?

    How is the riding around the area? Let me know.
  2. Well first thing you must do upon arrival is do away with your helmet & get one of these! It's proper Boise gear!


  3. I have lived down that way a couple of times. The riding is pretty good for the most part especialy if your into Dirt! And if you like to hike fish camp ski snowboard or water ski it's all over the place. It's close to as good as I had it growing up on the Oregon Coast and around the Roseburg area as I have ever found.
  4. You won't have to work so hard to avoid running down quite as many hippies in Boise...
  5. we have some great mountain roads outside of boise. good elevation so it stays cool. i have to admit though, it's not like riding over on the coast. that is some nice country. i grew up in mccminnville oregon. that trip over to gleneden and newport is something. that road to seaside is sweet also. the good thing about here is that you're not far from montana, northern idaho, nevada, california, oregon, the whole northwest. we're in the middle so it's easy to get somewhere. this may be a little late since you've already been here by now. hope you had a great time8)
  6. We drove up Hwy 21 to Idaho City. Mucho traffic!! I didn't expect that much traffic, though it was Sunday afternoon. Any other roads I may have missed?
  7. You got a good start.
    I've lived and ridden here (Boise) since the early '80's when the population in the Treasure Valley was half what it is now.
    Nowadays the best riding happens during the week, not on weekends. That being said, on weekends you just have to get farther away from town.
    Idaho 21, the highway to Idaho City gets WAAAAY less crowded after you get past Idaho City. It's a fab-u-tastic ride through Lowman and on to Stanley (120 miles from Boise) and then you're in the Sawtooth range with more great roads, and Montana to the north and Galena Summit and Sun Valley and the Wood River Valley to the south.
    Also there are great roads heading north out of Boise. Following Idaho 55 and the Payette River to Banks, then east through Garden Vally will get to Lowman and the Stanley Basin, also.
    Farther north on Idaho 55 to Cascade , the east towards Warm Lake has great elevation changes and ends at Summit Lake campground at Landmark Summit.
    North of Cascade is McCall and more great roads.
    Like I said, there is great riding here, knowing when and where to find it is the key.
    Let me know any time you want to bring your bike and check it out!! I have a real diamond of a 1992 Yamaha FJ1200 that I exercise regularly on these roads, and also a 2003 V-Star 1100 Classic for more lesiurely cruising with the wife.
    Sorry I'm a little late responding to your post, if you have any questions, just let me know.
    I'd be glad to show the scenery.
  8. Might sound weird coming from someone in Seattle, but Idaho City is where I grew up. Bluesrider has it right. Get above Idaho City and the road gets gnarly with much much less traffic. Tight hairpins, dog legs, high speed chicanes, highway 21 has it all. Be careful of the road surface though. If it has been precipitating, there might be loose stuff on the road that sneaks up on you.

    If you want to get some twisties without having to slog through the highway 21 commuters, going from Boise up to Bogus Basin ski resort is great in the summer. Good thing going up there is that there are very few five oh. The road dead ends into a ski resort that is basically vacant during the summer months, so it doesn't get much traffic. It makes a good jaunt if you only have a few hours to escape, and you don't go far enough to need to fill up anywhere. Just fill up before you go and you are good. It is pretty, and the view from the ski resort is fantastic, but the road isn't maintained quite as well, and there is no protection on a lot of it. Meaning, a highside could very easily launch you into the air 500' away from the ground.

    Basic rule of thumb for Boise, is that to get to good riding of any kind, go north. South from Boise sucks, East of Boise is slab, West of Boise is traffic and the horrible 2C drivers, which leaves North.
  9. Heard of One of his and my favorite loops in the PNW is north of Boise. It goes Boise, Banks, Lowman, Idaho City, Boise. Way fun!

    The ride up to Bogus IS full of FUN twisties but watch out for sand on some of the corners.

    If I lived in that area I'd be big into some white water activities!

    Good luck and have fun, Mark H.
  10. Why would you avoid running down hippies? Oh, they make your tires smell like ass and grass. Right.
  11. Always liked the Boise are
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