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Any rides this weekend?

Discussion in 'Klamath Falls' started by YOUNG HEART 750, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. For as many bikes as there are running around this town this time of year, I sure dont see many rides announced on here.
  2. where should we go?!

  3. I am up for almost anything, just tired of riding by myself.
    I am a huge fan of Northern California but have been looking at the Merlin, Grants Pass Jacksonville area for something a bit shorter.
  4. Really folks, not even a 66/ Dead Indian run?
  5. I'll be riding to the range Saturday morning and going to Mount Shasta Sunday. Does that count?

    Have fun with the Medford guys.

  6. Sure. It counts. Look forward to a chance to ride with you and some of the other Klamath guys/gals, some day.
    Ride safe Jake.
  7. Bike is still under the wrench currently. Hoping to be done with it for next weekend but we'll see.
  8. Young Heart Dude

    I think I will be riding but around the 10 to 3 hours. Thinking of going east, south, west, to Redding and up. Inn N Out is in Redding! If that's more appealing to you send me a txt. 8052796807
  9. CYCRCR,
    That would have been a good ride for sure. Problem is by the time you responded I was already set for the other ride and actually didnt see your post till just now. I kept looking and no one was responding so I gave up on anyone from Klamath wanting to ride. I am going to make one more attempt to get something going for the June 23-24. I hope for better results.
  10. I have a weekend long SAR training that weekend so I'm out. Have fun though.

  11. Jake

    SAR? Is that Starwars Actionfigure Reunion?


    I'm checking if wife is working 23rd. I'll let you know
  12. I can do a half day run only on either 23 or 24th. I'm moving that weekend. This also depends on James getting my tires on by then, he's kinda challenged!
    Would be up for that back route to Redding.
  13. B and I are planning a ride up Clover creek to Dead Indian to Hansen's on Saturday the 16th. Not sure on a time yet, but if interested let us know. (I know short notice)
  14. Hey CYNRCR, I thought for sure you were going to bring that bike of yours in yesterday but never saw you! If you bring it in, I will give you a ride back so you can get work down while I get your tires on :)
  15. Cynrcr,
    How do you get to Redding and back in a half day ride? What rout do you take?
    I am thinking more of a long day ride, but am open to almost anything. I need to get my tires on this week to.
  16. I'm guessing on the time. We would head towards Reno, thru mountains not 395, I see the sign for Redding on that road and remember thinking it's not very far about 2 hours into that ride. Anyway doesn't matter if it's 5 or ? as long as I'm home at some point to help with 1yr old and house stuff.
  17. I was looking at a loop that goes 96 to Happy Camp, over the mountains to 199 near Cave Junction, and back through Jacksonville and home on 66. I will look at your rout tonight and see what makes best time.
    If you did Redding, how were you planning to get home?
  18. figured up the 5, haven't looked otherwise.
    If it doesn't matter Sunday would work better for me.
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