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Any Travis Ohge fans out here?

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by fuzzbutt, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Hey, I'm from San Diego but I support your North West (Oregonian) boy in AMA Supersport road racing, Travis Ohge.

    (Mainly cuz we were both wrestlers and road racers, so we have common bonds, despite about 100 years difference!)

    Any fan clubs here? Any support for the kid? But most importantly, will he ever get a date with Elena Myers??

  2. Travis needs to catch Elena if he wants to ask her out for a date. Time to step it up. LOL

  3. He's killin' it but you hardly ever hear anything about him.
  4. Well, he is only in 4th place in the Supersport West series, but about 9th overall. I figure if he can catch Elena, he can date her. What a courtship phenomenon that would be!

    To "catch a girl" used to take a whole lot less work (and sponsorship money!)....

    Go Travis!!
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