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Any true 93 octane pumps in oly?

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by gilberjj, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. I'm putting a turbo on my bike and I need high octane pump for the street. I've only seen 92 octane everywhere. What's the highest octane pump fuel you've seen in Olympia? I know of the shell e85 station, but I'd have to buy bigger injectors to run e85 and that's not in the budget right now....
  2. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    try getting some gas from the airport.

    or go buy 55 gallons from honest performance in fed way

  3. The husky shop in spanaway used to sell trick fuel.smells so good.
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  4. i know where race fuel is. just looking for 93 pump, thanks! 8)
  5. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    looks like you may have to pony up for the injectors and do it right instead of trying to be cheap and hoping you can find a 93 pump that isnt mandated, or controlled by the governing state or federal trade commission?

    you spent all that $$ on the turbo, cool...

    but to have to run higher octane??? why not dial back a bit of timing, run different injectors, and run 92? makes

    do it right maybe??

  6. The purpose was to simply see if anyone knew of a 93 pump instead of a 92 pump. I'll already be pulling timing, and I'm actually quite conservative. I'm not aiming for astronomical numbers, but a reliable ride. From the info I've seen (which is significant), there are many zx14s with up to 30k turbocharged miles and no problems. I guess the point of this thread was, why run 92 when I can easily run 93. I don't know if that's an option or not, so I threw it out there to see if anyone knew of a 93 pump.
  7. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    i personally dont think theres a chance in the area.

    but i could be very wrong.
  8. Because it sounds like doing it isn't going to be so easy after all, otherwise you wouldn't be asking...ehh?

    I can't even remember the lasttime I found a gas station running 93 and/or without ethanol. I can get (supposedly) get 93 at Stinker stations in Boise, but it has ethanol and is pointless to even mention because they don't have Stinkers here. Is one octane (and god only knows if it's actually true based on where the gas station gets its service from) really going to make a difference? Carry around a couple of bottles of octane booster if need be.
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  9. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    94 octane in black diamond. I always stop there regardless of how un-full my tank is. Just getting there burns 1/4 tank but the Duc's got a 3 gallon tank so it's kinda retarded.
  10. Any ethanol free pumps in the South Sound area? Any in Olympia?
  11. just found this website. Posts all the ethanol free fuel stations in Washington...

    City Brand Octane Name Street Address GPS*
    Aberdeen UNBRANDED 87 Masco Pacific Pride 120 N Boone St N46.96948 W123.80209 map details
    Aberdeen PETTIT OIL 92 Pettit Oil Card Lock 2616 Port Industrial RD N46.96773 W123.84692 map details
    Amboy UNBRANDED 87 89 92 Chelatchie Prairie General 42411 NE Yale Bridge Rd N45.92737 W122.37961 map details
    Amboy UNBRANDED 87 89 91 Chelatchie Prairie General Store 42411 NE Yale Bridge Road N45.92737 W122.37961 map details
    Auburn CFN 87 92 Fuel Farm 325 C St NW N47.30500 W122.23191 map details
    Burlington CONOCO 87 89 92 Gas N Go 9572 Old Hwy 99 N48.50595 W122.33662 map details
    Camano Island UNBRANDED 87 89 92 Elger Bay Store 1992 S Elger Bay Rd N48.34106 W122.34036 map details
    Cathlamet UNBRANDED 87 Cathlamet Marina null N46.20317 W123.38318 map details
    Centralia CHEVRON 87 92 Dan Hull Distributing 204 West Reynolds Avenue N46.73538 W122.95489 map details
    Chehalis CENEX 87 Cenex 153 Northwest State Avenue N46.66179 W122.97258 map details
    chinook UNBRANDED chinook gas station do not know not available map details
    Cle Elum UNBRANDED 92 Storey Service station 1310 East 1st Street 1310 East 1st Street not available map details
    Colville CFN 89 Busch 555 Railroad N48.54910 W117.91344 map details
    Connell EXXON 87 91 Sunmart 18 660 S. Columbia Ave N46.65413 W118.86135 map details
    Conway CONOCO Conway 21060 Conway Frontage Road, Conway WA N48.34083 W122.34115 map details
    Conway UNION 76 92 Conway Foods 18707 Main St N48.34046 W122.34155 map details
    Ellensburg CENEX 87 92 Cenex Mid State Coop 417 West 3rd Ave N46.99439 W120.55322 map details
    Gig Harbor UNBRANDED 88 Arletta Grocery Store 3520 Ray Nash Dr NW N47.28979 W122.66788 map details
    Grand Coulee UNION 76 87 89 Tim's Four Corner Union 76 Highway 155 & Highway 174 not available map details
    Issaquah CENEX 87 89 92 The Grange Country Store Co-op 145 NE Gilman Blvd. N47.53625 W122.03381 map details
    Kalama UNBRANDED 87 Kalama Marina null N46.00845 W122.84455 map details
    Kennewick CONOCO 87 All Conoco/76, Tri Cities WA null N46.21125 W119.13723 map details
    Kennewick UNBRANDED Port Of Kennewick Clover Island N46.21686 W119.11632 map details
    Longview CFN 87 Wilcox Industrial Way N46.11573 W122.91642 map details
    Marysville UNION 76 87 89 92 116TH STREET GROCERY 3628 116TH ST N48.09980 W122.18210 map details
    Moses Lake CONOCO 87 89 91 Hilltop 1802 Kittleson Rd N47.10179 W119.25776 map details
    Mt. Vernon UNION 76 87 89 92 Petrosun Fuel 17587 SR 536 N48.42890 W122.36417 map details
    Oak Harbor UNBRANDED 92 A.J.Eisenberg Airport 1140 Monroe Landing Rd. N48.15090 W122.40410 map details
    Olympia UNBRANDED 89 Fast Fuel 416 State Avenue NE N47.04601 W122.89787 map details
    Port Townsend CFN 92 CFN/Pettit OIl 23 Seton Road not available map details
    Pullman UNBRANDED 87 Interstate Aviation 4800 Airport Complex North N46.74040 W117.11990 map details
    Puyallup UNBRANDED 92 Liberty 11802 Meridian N47.09672 W122.29356 map details
    Quincy CONOCO Sunset Food Mart 308 F St SE N47.23392 W119.84787 map details
    Sappho UNBRANDED 87 92 no name corner of hwy 101 and hwy 113 not available map details
    Seattle SPIRIT Bill Waters Spirit Services 9500 35th Ave NE N47.69786 W122.29031 map details
    Seattle CFN 87 Schultz Cardlock 465 South Holgate N47.58612 W122.32786 map details
    Shelton UNBRANDED 87 Kamilche Trading Post 61 Washington 108 N47.12989 W123.10391 map details
    Snohomish UNBRANDED 87 Snohomish CO-OP 168 Lincoln Avenue N47.91110 W122.08733 map details
    Union Gap CONOCO 87 89 91 Ahtanum Food Mart 207 Ahtanum Road (3rd and Ahtanum Road) N46.55805 W120.50968 map details
    Vancouver CFN 87 92 Vancouver Oil Company 1503 NE 136th St N45.71972 W122.65618 map details
    walla walla CONOCO ralph & mikes 1745 east isaacs N46.07484 W118.31117 map details
    Walla Walla TEXACO Walla Walla Farmers Co-Op 706 W Rose St N46.06378 W118.34924 map details
    Wenatchee CENEX 87 Ag Supply 1115 N. Wenatchee Ave. N47.43796 W120.32241 map details
    Wenatchee UNION 76 Apple Valley Petroleum, Inc. 6 5th Street N47.43119 W120.31453 map details
    Wenatchee UNION 76 87 89 92 Glenn Distributor 2115 N Wenatchee Ave N47.45537 W120.33645 map details
    Wenatchee UNBRANDED 87 Wenatchee Petroleum N. Wenatchee Ave Bulk plant N47.42457 W120.31156 map details
    Yakima UNION 76 87 89 91 16th Avenue Food Mart 620 N. 16th Avenue N46.60804 W120.53046 map details
    Yakima CONOCO 87 89 91 5th Avenue One Stop 701 N. 5th Avenue N46.60915 W120.51878 map details
    Yakima CONOCO 87 89 91 Conoco 1073 4708 Tieton Drive N46.59270 W120.57112 map details
    Yakima CONOCO 87 89 91 Smitty's 304 W. Mead Avenue N46.57795 W120.50953 map details
    Yakima CONOCO 87 89 91 Smitty's Log Cabin Cafe 3508 Fruitvale Boulevard N46.61831 W120.55405 map details
    Yakima CONOCO 87 89 91 Summitview Station 4802 Summitview Avenue N46.60000 W120.57000 map details
  12. my cousin runs 92 on his boosted zx10 just fine, you'll be fine on it too
  13. Just finished a good book about a couple of UK guys who rode from Ushuaia (Patagonia) to Fairbanks, and they spent a lot of time and worry looking for 95 octane! I didn't even know you could get that outside of an airport anymore.
  14. Go 50% bigger on the fuel injectors and run e85 for more power than you could ever make on a turbo motor running 93.

    Plus E85 is CHEAP!

    Expect fuel economy to drop to the low teens.
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  15. Look for a VP station....

    100 at the pump... but you pay through the nose.
  16. Just stopped by the place downtown Olympia. It's right by the Alpine Experience.

    I didn't see a place to just pay w/a debit card, so it looks like you need to sign up for one of thier cards etc to get the ethanol free gas. It's the mid grade, 89 octane, the 87 and whatever the higher octane is, they both can have up to 10 percent ethanol.

    The price for the 89 ethanol free is the same price as the high octane, so $3.34 is the price I just saw. Or, $3.3? a gallon.

    Their website doesn't have the application to get a card, so I'll probably just call them for the rest of the details.

    Not cheap, but a local source for ethanol free gas. This is the only location they (Fast Fuel) have the ethanol free gas.

    I'm probably going to try it just to see how much different what I drive/ride runs.
  17. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    save your $$ and do it right the first time.

    hod the header work out by the way?

  18. Haven't seen 93 anywhere in WA.
    Invest in low compression ratio pistons and make damn sure your WFO A/F ratio is plenty rich and 92 pump gas will be just fine.

  19. Have you already purchased bigger than stock injectors?

    You are probably going to have to upgrade the stock parts anyway as they are typically sized to make about 10% more power than stock. No point in going turbo if all you are looking for is 10% more power. And no sense in pushing the fuel pressure up because you will start running into fuel injector lock ups.
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