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Anybody get a dirt bike plated as enduro?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by CB400f, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. I'm looking at two late '70's IT175 dirt bikes. Both have ORV titles in the seller's name. I might buy them if I could get them plated for street use. Has anybody done this in Washington state? My goal is for the wife and I to have bikes we can leave our house on, ride out into the country, go camping, hiking and trail riding.
    I'd like something vintage hence the IT's mentioned above.

    If you've done this let me know how you did it please.
  2. Its simple to do so so simple. I have a xr600r dirt bike that i put a procycle dualsport kit on it then went to my local dealer and got it inspected then took inspection paperwork to dmv and got. MY plate's all in the same day

  3. Have a DOL office run the VIN. That will tell you whether it can be plated easily or with difficulty.

    My XR650R was easy to plate. WA does not differentiate between L and R models. :)
  4. new wa law will plate any motorcycle for street use :) see wa dol website :)

  5. Yes I know. That's why I mentioned easily or not. If the DOL lists the bike as already being street legal you don't need to add street equipment and then have it inspected. Buy a plate and go ride.
  6. NO.

    Even if it is listed as legal you will need to have a headlight, tail light, signals and at least one mirror on the left side or you WILL get pulled over and ticketed.
  7. BOYAAAHHH lol :stir::popcorn:

  8. You guys are being pedantic. I haven't been stopped and I don't have turn signals, DOT tires, adequate tail light, horn etc.

    If the DOL will issue a plate, great. Go ride. He's got a DT. Probably has the head/tail light.

    Legalizing a bike will cost several hundred dollars. More if whoever is signing off on it wants to hold him to smallest technicality.
  9. RED: depends on the officer and if he is concerned at the time .. but please keep on keeping on :thefinge:
    BLUE: any dealer will do the inspection $25-$100 depending on the dealer ... and hey who would want a dot legal bike to prevent the hundreds of $$$ it would cost if one were to get a ticket .. you would then have to pay said ticket or spend hundreds doing the dot required fixes to remove said ticket of your record cause only a nice officer will give you a fix it ticket ... so ether way it would be better "legally speaking" to just "do it right the first time "

    i hope that was pedantic enough for you
  10. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    You must've learned that big word in Portland!


    I'll stop now.

    And thanks for the link to the dualsport kit: I didn't know those existed! :thumblef:

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  11. Yeah procycle has some good stuff.. the only harness that i think is better is the warness by canada.but there hard to get
  12. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    So... out of curiosity... does doing this alter your WA title by chance?

    I bought a WA plated WR400 not all that long ago but before this law came into existance. I recently got around to transfering the title to an Oregon title, street legal and all. They took the WA title without issue.

    If plating the bike in WA results in a WA title change to being street legal... than that's good to know :)
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  14. Thanks for the info. I'll price everything out and see if the bikes I'm looking at are worth it. They both have headlights so maybe that makes it easier.
  15. And the DoL is required to provide the Legislature a list of infractions on converted dirt bikes every year. There are members of the Legislature that are hoping to use this list as an excuse to yank the new conversion law. So if you get busted isn't just you that might get f-ed over.

  16. It may cost alot more than the bikes are worth.
    One expense alot of guys miss is stator rewinding / replacing
    To be legal, you headlight has to meet the brightness requirement at all times, including at idle.
  17. I think I'm going to pass on the IT175's the guy wants $300 for the pair. Plus it would be $300 for the kit for each bike. Then what ever the state wants. It would be easier to just wait and find endruos that are already plated. I apreciate the info for my future ventures though.

  18. [​IMG]

    I had Coyote Offroad do the inspection.
  19. Good info I am thinking about doing the same thing now :)
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