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Anybody have a GSX1250FA?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by gfeero, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. I just rode one last Sat. at the Cycle Country deal in Salem. The Suzuki demo truck was there and till they got busy, I just hopped from one bike to the next... (The V-strom was tooo tall, the M109 was too fat, the GSX was just right!)[​IMG]

    So then I got home and started looking for these. I found a couple of them in dealerships, but none used. Interesting... Not that I can run out and offer someone cash for theirs anyway, but just curious. Does anyone on the forum even ride one of these? It was so comfortable and easy to ride, I really loved it. In fact, If I hadn't just lost my job, I'd have been tempted to trade in the Sporty for it, but nah. I sort of like being married.

    Anybody have one? Anybody know of someone who has one?
  2. I had a 2007 Bandit 1250, and it was a very capable bike. Enigne was bullet proof and maintenace was a breeze on it. Love the built in center stand. makes for chain lubing a breeze.
    It has torque for days, down side suspension is non adjustable, and kinda of mushy for really getting on it. But upgrade the front forks and rear shock and it then can get around pretty well.
    It is a great touring bike, very smooth and powerful. I would more than likely still have it, but I traded it in for something more fun.........

  3. I was there as well. Great fun jumping on all the bikes. Pretty much sold me on the V-Strom 1000.

    The 1250FA only came out last year (although I think they claimed 2010 but I never saw one), so yeah they won't be easy to come by used I would think. As mentioned the Bandits are a basic, rock solid bike. I have a few friends that ride the piss out of them and are very happy with the bike.
  4. You were there? Who are you? Ok, was it in the morning or the afternoon? I had to leave suddenly and take my daughter to Urgent Care. Antibiotics later and she's doing fine, but cut short my musical motorbike session.

    If I could just find the money somewhere for this... Uh the responsible side of me says that I have to pay school loans off first, then find money for the second bike... Which one of the other riders were you? Was I respectable towards you or? (paranoia starts surfacing...)
  5. LOL Everyone was all smiles there. (Free bike rides) I was there from AM to about 1pm Black and gold helmet with a gold mirrored visor and a black mesh tourmaster jacket
  6. looks similar to an FJR1300 yamaha.Not a bad looking bike really.Is it a japan only bike or are they here??
  7. Not familiar with this one, but it looks like a great machine.
    Hope you can find one.
  8. They are here. But still somewhat limited. The gray one that I posted the pic of is from New Zealand. The one we were allowed to ride was a black with really cool metallic flake. Sometimes it reflected blue, sometimes purple and even a flash or two of red. I like that one, but am interested in seeing a white one in person. Why do I like white bikes but hate white cars? Weird.

    Omnivore - yeah, I thought that was you. I think you're the one with the cool black and gold prismatic helmet? Sorry again for passing you with the M109. That thing is insane! Or could you tell by the insane laughter and cackling coming from my helmet? Loved it, but so don't need that.
  9. I have a 2011 and LOVE it. I've made very slight modifications(15mm handlebar extension, Wunderlich and Givi screens. Powder coated everything black. Smooth riding, great power, it's been great for me. Shout with questions!
  10. have communicated with maybe 3 guys who had/have these, or the unfaired version (Bandit 1250), and they all love the bike.
  11. Just the latest version of the Bandit. Fantastic bikes. Older the better. I will never sell mine.