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anyone from Mountainhome?

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by 2WheelDeathDestiny, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. I'm here in Mountainhome and wasnt sure if anyone here is originally from Tri-Cities Washington but, to say the least I've been unvolintarilly relocated here...

    The Idaho threads are kinda dead lately just seeing where peeps are at...

  2. i grew up there but i live in seattle now. i've heard though that there's a track day organization out of boise that does events at miller.... if you're into the track..
  3. You guys are from Mountain Home Idaho? No way! I lived by the Resovoir! hahaha

    That po dunk two horse town. Maric and I were the only ones in that town that could outride most any "cowboy". Including my dad. crackup:

    Crossin' the rivers, runnin' through the rivers with our horses like we were Marlboro Men. *insert Break Back Mountain theme song*

    Land of the red dusk... you bet your ass there are some from MH.

    Why were you relocated? You're not some hot shot Walmart Manager are you? Taco Johns transplant you? You going to start up a new "Kings General Store"?
  4. Do me a favor and let me know if the Country Corner store is still there. I think it's on Canyon Creek Rd. I used to buy my Funyuns, and Mom's cigs there. Ohhh those hot summer memories in MH...

    Funyuns, watered down coke, and loud rap music...What wonderful memories.
  5. haha i haven seen any country corner stores arround...but ive been relocated cause of Airforce....worst assignment ever after just coming from korea...(which was a blast!!!!)
  6. hit the gym! That's what I used to do when I was there. The MHAFB gym was the best that I've ever been in. And from what I hear, it's been redone to be even better than what I remember.
  7. its the worst ive seen out of 4 bases...but oh well...i go there like once a week lolz...
  8. REALLY?? Damn, they must've did something wrong then. I remember it being top of the line. Oh well. You could always go to highschool parties like the other GI's there do. You guys are known to prey on jail bait. In fact I think some of my class mates lost thier virginity to several of you GI's.

    You could always go to Boise with your bike. (wear your helmet despite no helmet law) Hang out at the mall. Go to the Edwards 21 cinemas........

    ok you're right. It's pretty lame over there......Stay away from the bars. The locals are always looking to pick a fight with a GI.
  9. best part about mountain home is the crazy mormons. actually, if you like to shoot things, go fishing, or explore the mountains to shoot things, there's a ton of stuff to do!!! yeah, coming from korea and ending up in mountain home is a huge cultural swap.

    you go to charlies right? that photo looks like it's from there. i took a buddy of mine back there and we stopped in and he was just cracking up at the fully clothed girls dancing on the table and the stripper pole made of galvanized pipe running through a folding table. worst part about it was that i went to highschool with the one of the girls older brother. sad to see.....
  10. haha i havent done the whole charlies thing yet cause i hear to much bs that happens there and what-not..but that pic was actually taken in korea..i just go to someones house party er something..seems if you want to do anything you need to go to boise...sux but atleast its not too far away...
  11. yeah im stuck out here with ya. i've been here 3years and it still sucks. I'm actually working with some places to see if we can get like a weekly or bi-monthly meet somewhere in town. but yeah theres a ton of bikes out here just no where for neone to meet up at.
  12. well i just arrived here in MH been here for about a week bike is still at my hometown though so i wont be able to ride until i get a trailer to go up and get it but when i get it down here i would love to go on some rides
  13. looks like there aint much here in boise idaho area in this forum. but if you go to there are more there
  14. I am in MT home. The bike sene is growing. I was trying to get a bike night going. If you go to Desert Mt sports and talk to brandon the new owner he wants to host it we just need some one to organize it. Also email TJ Gilespie at the cop shop on base. Tell him I sent you and he will start to include you on our gp rides. We got about 10 riders at SFS and are always rolling out.

    Later Zach
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