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Anyone going to watch the pros at washougal on the 21st???

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by crxracer98328, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. some friends and I are planning on camping out friday night and doing a little partying(if our booze make it threw security). is anyone else going to be there?
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  2. For sure. I never miss a moto with the big guys at Washougal. Always fun and great action. It's totally different live than on TV. Way better in person.

  3. I'll be watching for you guys on TV!! :evil4:
  4. Any advice on where to be? Gonna be my first time. Should I pack my beer in a camelback, or you can bring it in no prob? They don't even have a race schedule on the site, all I could tell is pits are open til noon and that the main road to the track is under construction.
  5. Really? You're gonna try to teach a Russian how to fool the system? :evil4: I just need to know what the system is, that's the hard part here.

    really though bummer you guys aren't going
  6. They search everything except for your person. They'll pop your hood, trunk, look under your car and through your bags. But they dont pat you down or search you personally. Snuck in a pint of captain last year, just had it tucked in my waist band.
  7. OH! So it's before you even leave your vehicle. NIIICE! I can bring the cooler full of ice and stuff to put in it separately :) Thanks man!
  8. Can't make it this year :rant But I will be watching it on TV :popcorn:

    Be good Dmitry.... don't want to see ya on the news hehe:nana
  9. Didn't see this thread but the races were great! Perfect conditions for racing. Gotta love horsepower hill, watching the hole shot up there is madness.
  10. Horsepower hill looks like a damm hill climb to me and ive seen more then a few pros do standing wheelies up it :angry7:
  11. Lol its not THAT gnarly. But it is a ton of fun.