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Anyone have an extra full face helmet lying around?

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Sil80m3, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I am a student at Oregon State University. I am currently doing a senior project which requires a motorcycle helmet. We are trying to develop a heads up display for a motorcycle, which will display speed and RPM on the helmet's visor.

    I am looking for a free or cheap full face helmet with visor. It can be dropped, old, or ugly, as long as it is full faced and has a detachable visor.


    Thanks to jc2000 for hooking me up! You're the man
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  2. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    Not to be a total Luddite, but I have to ask why anyone would want such a thing, as well as how serviceable it would be? At 60 MPH a rider's eyes should be ranging out between 250-1100 feet, so I cannot help but think that trying to drop your focus back to 4 inches and then reacquire targets at the 1100 foot range would be distracting at best.
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  3. If its like the HUD in aircraft and high end cars you won't have to shift your focus.
  4. I would recommend a quick trip out to Albany/Lebanon for a helmet that will at least be shaped like a typical modern helmet... otherwise I know Goodwill has a few for around $20.
  5. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    But the pilot of an airplane has more time spent at close focus, and the way some of the people herd the high end cars it could be argued they don't focus at all. :roll:

    I would like to see how the project turns out. If the OP can sell an antique like me on the idea it will have serious merit.
  6. Hey Zac, I have an old helmet I'd be good with letting go of... I'm in Albany 2-3 days a week and maybe we could meet up?
  7. I was just thinking why no one had come up with a motorcycle helmet HUD. I don't have a spare helmet but would be interested in seeing where it goes.

    Have you talked with the folks at Mircovision? I got to see a prototype laser suitable for a HUD. But don't say I told you.

    See now you have me thinking. Not only HUD for MPH, RPM and engine stats. But text messages, GPS, low light overlays.
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  8. Just giving you props for the Jeff Cooper reference, only a few of us gun nuts are gonna get that one. :mfclap:
  9. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    I'm only interested if I can watch old movies on this thing.
  10. With our budget, it definitely won't be able to hit the market. The project is more about the idea and getting a prototype built.
    We're still working some kinks out with wireless communication and the speed display, but I can link our page and some videos and you can kind of get an idea.

    That's a good idea, i'll check Goodwill out soon.

    Sent you a PM, thanks

    And to anyone who is wondering, here is the link to our page:

    What we're going to use for the tach:

    Wireless communication and speed sensor/calculator:

    Going to try and make two 7 segment displays with pieces like this:

    Sponsorships, donations, and constructive criticism welcome (although we probably won't change too much with our design this late into the game).
  11. Not as fancy as I'd invisioned. But quite a bit more intuitive. A simple bar graph. Good idea. Maybe later prototypes can have MPH and RPM. Just be careful to adjust for night time and not blinding the rider.

    And I still like my low light overlay idea. But that would be into the millions for R&D. I guess we're not there yet.
  12. Totally irrelevant to the material at hand......but beaversource?
  13. I was thinking the same thingcrackup:
  14. Not at all what I thought it was.
  15. Hasn't this product already been made? I could've sworn I saw this a few years ago. RPM/Speed indicator or something... Cool idea if you can make it work. I also have a helmet i'd donate, but I'm way too far away for that.

    Fixt for you, you perv..
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  17. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    Dude, you cant lay that on me. I was a very nice boy...until you turned me on to that shit.
  18. Truf.. And I do like it when you call me "El Burro Grande".
  19. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    Dude, I think you're confusing me with that asshole Gannon now.
  20. There was a company a few years ago that developed a HUD for motorcycles. It required splicing the factory harness to integrate it into the bike. It also used a clip in device on the outside of the helmet that projected the information onto the visor. It was a terrible product and seemed to have countless flaws and problems. Google has announced a HUD pair of sunglasses to be released soon for skiers. It will operate on their 3/4g networks and offer a range of capabilities.
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