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Anyone have Tuesdays off?

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Slopjockey, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Would really like to do North Cascade Highway loop, come back over Stevens Pass. I realize this is over a 400 mile round trip (from U district) and would like if someone that has ridden highway 20 before came along. Fairy open as to when to do this, just has to be on a Tuesday.
  2. I can't do Tuesday, but I'm down for Friday.

  3. I'm down for any day of the week. I've ridden it once, so I don't "know" the route. But if you wanna go explore it, or if you find someone who can lead and want another rider I'm game. I'll keep an eye on the thread.
  4. Can't do it this Tuesday................................................gotta get ready for the track. I'm available a lot of Tuesdays. :mrgreen:
  5. Its a pretty nice ride lots of scenic areas... Ill keep my eye on the thread and c what Tuesday it will go down.. Dizzy keep me posted just in case i miss it
  6. You got it man. Are you and Alex still interested in taking the Ferry out to Bremerton tomorrow for the maintence day? I'm for sure going. Just seeing if anyone else wants to go.

    *sorry for the thread jack*
  7. I might be up for doing this next week. (31st) I love doing that ride and I'm down for a third time...
  8. Hey guys,

    It's been several years since I rode it, E to W direction. I was just wondering, for those who've ridden it recently and/or multiple times, do you prefer W to E or E to W, on both 20 and the entire Cascade Loop? Why do you prefer it one or the other way? I plan to ride it before the summer's over but will do so after an initial ride up to the Seattle area.

    Thanks for you input and end of threadjack....
  9. I'm down for either direction, have never ridden it before and would really like to (just be nicer to have some company). Seems like a couple peeps say the 31st?
  10. Hey Jockey....... I'll watch the thread, but make sure to PM when you get it set up. I'll go. I liked it the first time and I wanna do it a few more times before riding season is over.
  11. Shall a set this as a ride on the 31st? Let Me get some feed back on where everyone who wants to go is coming from so to pick a good meeting spot and time. Was thinking 20 east just to get the majority of highway riding out of the way right away
  12. 31st sounds good to me. I'm coming from Everett. As it stands right now, count me in.
  13. So 31st it is.....

    I'd be up for meeting up in Seattle and heading out. Could make a stop on the way up. How about the rest stop right before you hit Arlington?
  14. I can meet in Seattle. I usually meet my brother in the morning and ride our bikes to the U-District when he goes to work (on the days he rides). So if you guys wanna meet in Seattle, I'd be cool with that.
  15. Meet here, Safeway -7300 Roosevelt Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98115 . They have a Starbucks inside to power up, and there is a gas station across the street plus easy freeway access. Time suggestions?
  16. I usually leave his house by 6:45. And in in the U within 45 minutes to an hour. Wanna say 8 am?
  17. I am going to try to get in on this ride also. There is a good breakfast spot in Arlington-Patti's Eggnest, if you need a meeting point up there. I will pm you as we get closer and keep an eye on this thread.
  18. Last time I did the whole loop in a day it took me apx. 10 hours and that was with minimal stopping . But I'm not on a sport bike so I don't exactly haul ass up into the hundreds... So if any newer riders are wanting to come along they can hang with this guy....:roll:

    I will say that the ride back around isn't as exciting as the cascades part.. There is a road north out of Leavenworth with some really tight curners though....
  19. Any interest in riding tomorrow, Tuesday 7/24 in Kitsap County. There are some nice backroads over here???
  20. i would be down to do this on the 31st, it would be my first time on this loop and my first groupride, i dont really haulass to much so hope il be ok on this?
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