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Anyone in Eugene have a Hayabusa?

Discussion in 'Eugene Region' started by Treavor, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Ok, really lame question. But does anyone in the Eugene area have a Hayabusa that I can look at/review? I dont need to ride it, but I mainly just want to look over it, see the dimensions, maybe sit on it to see exactly how it fits under a rider with my stature. It would be greatly appreciated. I can meet ya anywhere, for 20 mins or so, and you can share your knowledge of the bike with me. I've never seen one or been near one in person, and Id like the opportunity, as I might think about getting one. Thanks.
  2. If you have a bike shop nearby, they probably have one. Just in case there is no one near you that can help.

  3. I've checked. lol. Nearest one that has one for sure is in Albany. Looking for more of a hometown area. But if all else fails, I'll go that far.
  4. None of the folks I ride with have one. Have you checked ESB?
  5. I've seen a couple show up from time to time at the Thursday night get togethers.
  6. Those meets are at the pizza parlor right? That's a good idea, didn't think of it. Hell, I haven't been to a meet yet so it would be pretty cool to see who all is around.
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