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Anyone interested in a sunday morning ride?

Discussion in 'Medford Region' started by soggydoo, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Im thinking Tiller with a stop at Phils Frosty

  2. If the pace isn't too hot (or you at least wait up at crossroads) Bunny and I can possibly go.
    Her ninja 500 is in for paint so it'll be her first ride on the fzr.
  3. Can it be done w/ just one tank of fuel? I run clear gas (as prob. most of you) and my bike seems to be a bit of a hog. Where are you planning to meet? I'm in EP off BF Hwy.
  4. From my house (which is near Costco) to Canyonville on that hwy is about 140 miles round trip. If we only go to Tiller and back, I'm sure you can make it on a tank unless you use up a ton of fuel!

    What time are you guys leaving at? I could probably do this, but I need to be in Ashland at 12:00 for work.
  5. I like to start early 9AM....

    I dont know what others have said but I have NEVER left anyone behind.

    and the last 3 rides I was riding the 250.

    if some of you dont come out because I say bring your big boy pants.... I dont mean lets go fast amnd be reckless......I mean ride your ride reguardless of your skills, dont be an ass hat because you feel intimidated by me.

    come out to meet us at the chevron on 62 and Agate road leaving the station at 9am
  6. in that case we will try for a sitter. hope to see Ya all there.
  7. Hey everyone. New member here. Figured I could probably just show up, you guys mind if new guy shows up for ride.
  8. Ive been running Amsoil Octane boost


    Ill have some with me tomorrow if you want to try it.
    If your running the CBR probably not a one tank ride ...unless you turn around at Tiller
  9. Even though I won't be going we don't mind if you show up as long as you ride your limit and you are a safe rider. :mrgreen:
  10. after almost a year of thinking all that was left in the valley was douches and dick weeds... I think I found a couple of guys worthy of bring into the fold......Posmotrav and D1ssent1ent01 you guys are pretty cool .......I'd love for you guys to ride with me again when Kneedragger , Zig Zag and DiveR1 can come along as well......

    maybe a ride to Crater Lake or back side of Butte Falls!

    Great meeting you guys .....Hit me up anytime!
  11. Wow! For Soggy to give props like that you guys must have done pretty well. :mfclap: would love to do the Cater Lake ride, it's been a few years since we have ridden that route.
  12. Thanks brother. I had a blast! I hope me peeling off in E.P. w/ out saying anything was ok. Thanks for showing me that little piece of heaven too. Its close to home!:thumblef:
    Unless im on the crf, I will be down for any ride.
  13. So which am I? A douche, or a dick weed? Or am a dick douche weed? Douchey dick weed?


    Or am I just a slacker? (This whole parenthood thing has really borked my riding funds/schedule)
  14. zigzag2

    zigzag2 Precious

    Yeah the heat may have died down by now:thefinge:
  15. All of the above!

    welcome to parenthood!:secret:

    Sep 24th Thunder Hill ....I still have room in the trailer
  16. I'm doing the tough mudder in Tahoe the day before... be lucky if I can stand on the 24th.
  17. zigzag2

    zigzag2 Precious

    I'll take one of those spots in the trailer:mfclap::mfclap:
  18. your a given
  19. Really wish I went, but I was way to hungover Sunday morning to even consider waking up early enough to go ride.

    Hopefully I can go riding with you guys the next time you post one up!
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