anyone riding today?

Discussion in 'Westside' started by mcote, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. 509-731-3570

    i might be scootin out with a friend, she may not be able to make it though???

    thinking of finding some roads i've heard talk about....
  2. I'm definately thinking about it, it ended up gorgeous yesterday and looking to be the same today.
  3. BUMP!

    i just planned myself a ride on what will be a scouting run, leisurely cruise(ish) to learn the area. ~2.5 hours. and ~80mi. Will be at a pre-determined leave point on the NE side of seattle around 1pm.

    509-731-3570 (same number as before) for info.
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    Algona Pacific, WA
    I Ride:
    Ended up meeting a few Ducatisti at XXX and had a couple cafe racer Yamaha's show up as well..and someone with a Testarossa. Overall a good day.
  5. had a fantastic ride. although nobody gave me a jingle. saw lots of bikes.

    i ventured out high bridge, with a side track up novelty hill, down to issaquah, down to auburn, then slabbed back up...

    if you were on the black duc with the red ninja, i didnt mean to form up on ya guys, traffic just happened!

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